Makes Him In A Sentence

How To Use Makes Him In A Sentence?

  • This makes him open his eyes and straighten his face.
  • And makes him quite forget his labour and his toil.
  • The very nature of man makes him shudder at the thought.
  • Man is naturally cruel; superstition makes him more so.
  • The moment makes him, and passing away unmakes him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Makes Him | Makes Him Sentence

  • She makes him no answer.
  • It makes him defiant.
  • It makes him furious.
  • Practice makes him an expert.
  • What makes him so ugly?
  • Makes him feel very superior.
  • Interference makes him perverse.
  • Drink makes him terribly sick.
  • What makes him be a great bear?
  • This makes him smile and blush.
  • It makes him mad as thunder.
  • Making generalizations is what makes him a man.
  • And it makes him flush and worn.
  • What the mischief makes him cry?
  • It makes him all the more deadly enemy.
  • I believe that makes him worse.
  • She makes him do everything she tells him.
  • Practice in grace makes him more and more imperfect.
  • It makes him careful and accurate.
  • And she makes him carry baskets.
  • It is this dream which makes him interesting.
  • The kelpie makes him shiver.
  • He says it makes him feel as if he was a boy again.
  • The consciousness of his power makes him gentle.
  • The profound silence makes him uneasy now.
  • Law makes him to a greater extent a means.
  • She caught him and makes him believe that he caught her.
  • But do it not, if it makes him too sad!
  • This makes him look as if he had beshit him self.
  • It is easy to see that it only makes him unhappy.
  • What makes him so reserved and yet so gently courteous.
  • The peasant girl for whom he pines makes him languish.
  • That makes him mad and people like him less.
  • It makes him nervous, you see.
  • The artist in him makes him keep the place in order.
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