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  • What makes you think so.
  • What makes a good residence?
  • Ford makes it as hard as nails.
  • What makes that so good a street or road?
  • What makes you fear those doors so much?
  • It is easy to see that it only makes him unhappy.
  • How thoughtful a little adversity makes one.
  • He also uses boats which he makes of skins.
  • The impure air makes them tired and ill.
  • To trouble us, what makes me so uneasy?
  • What makes you call him Chevalier?
  • He makes a noble Appearance, and lives generously.
  • His mercy to the whole creation makes the same demand as his justice.
  • The habitual use of the active voice makes for forcible writing.
  • The native soldier soon makes himself very much at home in his post.
  • It isn't sorrow that makes people go mad, but worry.
  • Then he makes an effort: H'm!
  • It makes the end sanctify the means, even in the eye of the holy God.
  • The Scheme Of Necessity Makes God The Author Of Sin.
  • I sometimes--what makes you look that way?
  • Patricia Makes Another Friend 84 VII.

How To Use Makes In A Sentence?

  • And that makes the thousand pounds of which we spoke once a quite insignificant sum.
  • The frequent hazard of life makes a man at length as reckless of it as a gambler of his money.
  • No absolute rule would apply to all positions, which makes this game more fascinating.
  • It is some feeling of this nature, perhaps, which makes the young so attractive to the old.
  • His brown, almost black countenance makes his slight beard and moustaches nearly invisible.
  • When I think of how near we were to drowning or burning up it makes me shudder!
  • And then, despair, like misfortune, makes us acquainted with strange bed-fellows.
  • I can't talk to him about that play; and I wouldn't if I could, for it only makes him unhappy.
  • It was one of those long moments that makes a fellow draw his breath sharp when he thinks about it afterward.
  • Even though he makes as though he hears and sees nothing, he sees and hears and observes all the same.
  • He wears an air of sadness and disappointment which makes him attractive, and his manners are gentle and refined.
  • Since losing his teeth his chin has moved closer to his nose, which makes his nose look a long way from his eyes.
  • Moral necessity is not irresistible, because this implies resistance, and our wills never resist that which makes us willing.
  • Sometimes a panting fox makes for an open hole, but bounds back terrified before the fiery eyes of the badger which inhabits it.
  • He has deeply regretted not going to the front, but with a useful belief in 'kismet' makes the best of things.
  • It makes little effort to present facts, but rather it tells how to gather, classify and study facts.
  • But it is notorious that despair makes every one a soldier, and that even scythes and axes are good weapons in resolute hands.
  • Jessie is so exasperatingly prosaic, at times, that she makes me feel either like crying, or like shaking her.
  • It makes George nervous; but he must go out on business, and when the fellow cuts across the road-way he dodges him.

Definition of Makes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of make | plural of make
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