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  • It is in accordance with this suggestion that the present volume makes its appearance.
  • There is a grandeur in this cry from the depths which makes its very unhappiness sublime.
  • That is what makes its foot as good as a hand to hold on with when it perches on slender twigs.
  • You cannot degrade a literature; it makes its own level and our labels do not affect it.
  • Behind this compound door, the larva makes its arrangements for the metamorphosis.
  • One perfect gem outweighs a thousand mediocre performances and makes its creator immortal.
  • The price of this oil makes its use prohibitive except in the highest class soaps.
  • The grisly occasionally makes its den in a cave and spends therein the midday hours.
  • This simplifies the practical situation, but makes its theoretical comprehension more difficult.
  • Every spirit makes its house; and we can give a shrewd guess from the house to the inhabitant.
  • Homeburg is a good town, and it makes its girls behave even if it has to half kill them.
  • Individual human Karma makes its first appearance simultaneously with reincarnation.
  • After leaving Clarence at the distance of 8 miles, Williamstown makes its appearance.
  • Let me raise the vegetables of a nation, says Polly, and I care not who makes its politics.
  • It is not the duration but the depths of an experience which makes its ineffaceable impression upon the heart.
  • Its approach is only to be discovered by the snapping of boughs and twigs as it makes its way among the brushwood.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Makes Its | Makes Its Sentence

  • It makes its own energy.
  • Enthusiasm makes its own fitting times.
  • Only that is spiritual which makes its own form.
  • The partridge makes its own nest before it occupies it.
  • Heaven makes its will known in a natural way.
  • Two weeks later the book makes its appearance.
  • A glorious crimson colour at once makes its appearance.
  • Now, a newspaper makes its enemies overnight.
  • Spiritually seen, fear makes its appearance in this way.
  • The inner satellite of Mars makes its revolution in 7h.
  • For this is pre-eminently the work which makes its appeal to the few.
  • Exceptionally it makes its appearance a few weeks or a month after birth.
  • With navicular disease it sooner or later makes its appearance.
  • The falling drop makes its sculpture in the sand or the stone.
  • If it will only be fair weather when the singing society makes its appearance!
  • When this takes place a new type of religion also makes its appearance.
  • Here let the curtain drop till my next on councils makes its appearance.
  • Through a narrow opening opposite the fall the river makes its way onward.
  • It no longer bites and stings, and makes its possessor afraid of himself.
  • Every spirit makes its house; but afterwards the house confines the spirit.
  • It makes its nest on the ground in marshy places, of grass, weeds and feathers.
  • The outer satellite is 12,579 miles from Mars, and makes its revolution in 30h.
  • Personal religion, therefore, makes its appearance among the Jews at this time.
  • The American Tent caterpillar makes its cocoon, and assumes the pupa state.
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