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  • It makes people think lightly of you.
  • But love makes people brave.
  • I wonder what makes people so good to me?
  • The artificial bond makes people too sure of each other.
  • I wonder if being in love makes people stupid.
  • Love makes people look younger in years.
  • I know it makes people safe and happy.
  • But it is not what we see outside that makes people happy.
  • What makes people give such queer names?
  • Dancing always makes people forget their troubles.
  • It makes people think that one is a wild shot.
  • And care too soon taken makes people quickly gray-headed.
  • Again: excessive fashion makes people unnatural and untrue.
  • The want of something to do is what makes people wicked and miserable.
  • He had that magnanimity which makes people take instinctively the right side.
  • It isn't sorrow that makes people go mad, but worry.
  • The fellow's hard up, and that's what makes people desperate.
  • I think that's her attraction; that's what makes people forgive her everything.
  • Whistle that brings dead to life, 306; whistle which makes people dance, 120.

How To Use Makes People In A Sentence?

  • My grandpa interrupted to talk about the sin of drink and what it makes people do.
  • Christ makes people free, unless you understand how you yourself may have an interest in it.
  • This puts the responsibility on property owners, and makes people careful as to their tenants.
  • It is most unfortunate that ignorance of the value of milk makes people particularly sensitive to a change in its price.
  • Any kind of a game that involves competition makes people easily capable of taking all sorts of trouble.
  • It is often a deficiency of benevolence, and not an overflow, that makes people interfering in a bad sense.
  • There is nothing, it seems to me, that makes people feel so ill or is so enervating as the sympathy of friends and the verdict of a doctor.
  • Privacy favours the growth of individual types, differing widely from each other; the destruction of it makes people very much alike.
  • General Hoche remarks that the poor are the most easy to rouse, as hunger makes people discontented.
  • Undoubtedly this is one of the favorable effects of the fresh-air treatment of pneumonia, for it makes people mentally ever so much less morbid.
  • This, again, gives trouble, and makes people detest you and your performance, and contributes to the end which you have steadily in view.
  • Dewar of Perth has got sixteen medals for his whisky; it is so good to drink, and makes people drunk so nice and quiet.
  • I tried not to look at him, as I knew that he was inwardly swearing at the thinness of his skin, or whatever it is that makes people blush.
  • My mother approved of my zeal; a convinced partisan, she enjoyed that happy confidence in her own views which makes people certain that everybody can study their opinions only to embrace them.
  • Besides, though these were small and tinny-looking, yet soldiers are soldiers wherever you meet them, and have an air about them which makes people feel respectful.
  • Not to multiply cases, dogs and other animals are easily affected by whatever it is that makes people think a ghost is present, or by the conduct of the human beings on these occasions.
  • Ill luck of any kind, or even ill treatment at the hands of others, is considered an offence against society, inasmuch as it makes people uncomfortable to hear of it.
  • It is not (as some pessimists who never went to a circus would have us believe) the expectation that the performer will fall and be dashed to pieces that makes people enjoy a dangerous act.
  • If so it is worth while considering what it is that makes people happy, what they can do to make themselves happy, and it is from that point of view that I wish to speak on recreation.
  • It makes people angry when they see New England prospering, influential, the banker of the country, leading public sentiment, shaping legislation.
  • It is more patriotic, moreover, they will insist; it better serves the ends of authority; it makes people more prosperous and contented, each in his appointed niche.
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