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  • Then she turned her attention to making more comfortable the helpless woman upon the bed.
  • They plait it very ingeniously in small tresses, frequently making more than a hundred.
  • Now, the silent money will talk and the idle money roll here and there, making more.
  • Evelyn tried to eat her luncheon, making more of an effort than usual, but she could not.
  • I do not know that I ever remember a pretty woman making more stir in one evening.
  • Mr. Thomasson cried anxiously, after making more than one futile effort to stop him.
  • It is worked in wedge-stitch, and Germantown wool may be used by making more stitches.
  • And that Mr. Buzz Clendenning was in a moment ready for making more new friends for me.
  • In both these companies the employers announced that their businesses were making more money than under one-sided management.
  • He was generally very fortunate in what he undertook, and often succeeded in making more than he spent.
  • A mist was clinging to the river, making more mysterious its undisturbed progress through the desert.
  • Kittrell was making more and more a mess of this whole miserable business, and he was basely glad when they reached the corner.
  • Dolly started and would have freed herself, but she found she could not do it without making more effort than she was willing to use.
  • Once well in the jungle, they felt justified in making more speed without bothering so much about the noise.
  • Uncle Bill not coming in to see us was so unusual that we are making more of it than it can possibly mean.
  • As soon as they had weapons, the prisoners came swarming out, making more noise than was necessary and a good deal more than was safe.
  • It was one very wild night, after supper, and when we had been making more than usually merry, that the blow fell on me.
  • He was making more than an investigation out of it; he was fairly turning it into a trial, with Joe as the defendant.
  • The retort was that Gluck had no gift of melody, though they admitted he had the advantage over his rival of making more noise.
  • Her acres across sea disappear as a result of the blockade which our submarines are daily making more effective around England.
  • By doing this they would have further and completely wrought up the Mohammedans by making more difficult the journey to Mecca.
  • By doing this they would have further and completely wrought up the Mohammedans by making more difficult the journey to Mecca.
  • But the Greeks did us an unexpected good turn, though it looked like making more trouble for us at the time.
  • He saw a one-in-fifty chance of making more money through Marie than she could have earned for him in a century as divinity of his gambling rooms.
  • Well," he said, "you won't want to go wearing yourself out making more millions, surely?
  • There are negro families on Delta plantations making more money this year than the salary of the governor of the State.
  • The shadow of the log cabin was upon him, making more sinister his uncouth attire, and his lean vindictive face under the huge Mexican hat.
  • We sometimes had it carded at a mill and sometimes we carded it ourselves but when we did it the threads were short which caused us to have to tie the thread often making more knots in the dress.
  • Do you see me, Lupin, making more or less witty jokes upon your imminent death while my friend Patrice is in danger?
  • This sweater may be very easily enlarged to any desired size by starting with a longer chain and making more rows of star-stitch and ribs to keep the proportion.
  • The system will be complete when the girls get a bigger training in design by making more of the chairs, and when the boys get a bigger training in diet by doing more of the cooking.
  • He lost all his own money and most of his wife's, and died in South America, where he'd gone in the hope of making more.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Making More | Making More Sentence

  • And he was making more noise than he liked.
  • Yet 20 we did not appear to be making more speed.
  • And he'll be making more trouble yet.
  • What was the good of going on for the rest of your life just making more money?
  • You are fixed up with enough to live on, and a prospect of making more.
  • By way of making more sure of an escape, however, we set the royals.
  • This man Crewe's making more headway than you think.
  • This oil is used in soft soap-making, more particularly on the Continent.
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