Making Some In A Sentence

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  • But it had the advantage of making some sense.
  • It seemed to him that he really was making some advance.
  • He was making some eighteen hundred per cent.
  • He must save his face by making some show of resistance.
  • He was on his feet now, making some hasty preparations.
  • No one goes through life without making some mistakes.
  • Then, making some excuse, she left me and returned below.
  • Was Moss making some kind of point?
  • Evelyn rose and, making some excuse, left the room.
  • Meantime, Keith was making some discoveries.
  • Civilization, it seems, is making some headway in Iowa.
  • Well, Gleeson, I hope matters are making some progress.
  • West had come in from the street and was making some report.
  • Nor can he observe an object without making some movement towards it.
  • The evoker of spirits said they must be making some kind of masonic house.
  • No man can meet another on the street without making some mark upon him.
  • Some of the skin was also taken for the purpose of making some fresh ox-whips.
  • But she declined, making some excuses, and saying she had no wish to do so.
  • I was sure he could not take that vessel far, without making some mistake.
  • So he left his brother, making some excuse, and went off into the woods alone.
  • Yet I can never go into it without making some new discovery.
  • In such a city as London these feats could not fail of making some noise.
  • Making some idle excuse, he brings the reluctant Dicky to his side.
  • He stopped suddenly so that old Pete tumbled over him, making some noise.

How To Use Making Some In A Sentence?

  • Kitty is going to stay all night with me, and we are just making some hot chocolate.
  • Benoni bowed to the ground as she went by, making some flattering speech about her appearance.
  • Along the canal the fighting raged fiercely, our allies making some progress here and there.
  • She was standing by the table with her sleeves up to her elbows, making some invalid dish.
  • Grice put his head on one side, and seemed to be making some mental reflections.
  • She is talking in a strange language: she looks at me with piteous eyes as if making some request.
  • Pershing was evidently quite nervous, for he was expected to speak, and he was making some notes.
  • By making some changes the surroundings could be made less gloomy, and the place would pay.
  • He had finished his meal, if meal it could be called, and was making some attempt at a toilet.
  • Wilcox will be here all night, and my China boy is making some broth for you now.
  • So you must bear with me if I commence by making some simple and obvious reflections.
  • He paid the cabman, and making some excuse at the office about luggage to come, took rooms.
  • In the meantime I was making some interesting experiments suggested by one of the guillotiniers.
  • The want of an oven I supplied by making some earthen pans very broad but not deep.
  • I hastened into the house, and found dear Flora making some tea for her patient.
  • Dousterswivel was evidently making some proposition about which Sir Arthur was uncertain.
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