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  • The malady is chronic.
  • The malady had its compensations.
  • This malady is sadly common.
  • You can trace the malady in all its stages.
  • The malady of the world is spiritual.
  • The malady was malignant and unsparing.
  • Even with that fatal malady gnawing on her very vitals.
  • Nor has the malady confined itself to one county.
  • I heard of his malady only to-night.
  • My close study of his malady helped me here.
  • Meanwhile this malady prevailed among us.
  • Say, where has our poet this malady caught?
  • It would affect my malady considerably if it were true.
  • The course of the malady is commonly slow and insidious.
  • By many the malady is thought to be a specific infection.
  • The malady shows but little tendency to spontaneous cure.
  • I waited till he should be better, and the malady lingered.
  • He had, it seems, a malady of the heart.
  • The malady had, at this time, made considerable progress.
  • Rarely does he show any symptom of the modern malady of incredulity.
  • But his exposure to a disgusting malady serves him to no purpose.
  • I look with confidence to her malady as my triumphant vindication.
  • Cases illustrative of the nature and cause of this malady are very rare.
  • But this malady is usually much deeper than the question of having a watch.
  • Every day seems to gain something over the malady she laboured under.
  • I made the malady under which she was slowly sinking my special study.
  • On the contrary, it is my mind that makes the malady in my body.
  • So far from curing, the doctor caught the malady from his patient.

How To Use Malady In A Sentence?

  • But all this is nothing in comparison to the real malady which is undermining me.
  • But all has been undone by a sudden attack of the malady to which we have alluded.
  • Children never suffer from this malady because pains and aches have no significance to them.
  • The revolutionary malady of the nations seemed to have attacked the governments.
  • You do not comprehend the malady which killed them; they themselves did not comprehend it.
  • It is in vain to hope to escape the malady by which my mother and my brothers have died.
  • Epilepsy is a malady but too common in childhood, and as to which a few words apart are needed.
  • Having diagnosed my malady he promised my mistress that he would cure me the next day.
  • The malady had just broken out in that city, and he was among its earliest victims.
  • Thy malady and a stoical virtue are alike in this, that whoever has one has all.
  • I speedily informed him of the dreadful malady which had fallen upon the wretched man.
  • Was not such unheard-of obstinacy in a child of such tender age some malady of the mind or soul?

Definition of Malady

Any ailment or disease of the body; especially, a lingering or deep-seated disorder. | A moral or mental defect or disorder.
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