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  • It is also certain that it was a companion of the mammoth and of the woolly rhinoceros.
  • The last thing he had put into his trunk had been a branch of mammoth pine needles.
  • The mammoth was another elephant, and supposed to have survived till comparatively recent times.
  • The fourth line, in which love is the text, would swell into mammoth proportions.
  • Like mammoth orange-moths that flit and flare Through the dark tapestry of night.
  • While underneath black, mossy, mammoth rocks Keep silence with the waste of blighted boughs.
  • The Salvation Army rose before her as a mammoth skeleton, without a suggestive bone.
  • It is said to be 4 miles from Mammoth Cave, but is really only a little more than 2 miles.
  • It is supposed, with good reason, that this was at one time connected with Mammoth Cave.
  • New York and San Francisco are at last united by a mammoth railroad that spans the continent.
  • At last I wound it all, Until the thread all golden Made a mammoth wonder-ball.
  • Chaumont is a station on the road to Mammoth Cave, 3 miles from the Glasgow Junction.
  • There were countless numbers of these mammoth pines that towered a hundred to a hundred and twenty-five feet in air.
  • How long previously the mammoth or the hairy rhinoceros disappeared we do not know, but need not suppose the time very long.
  • The same state of advancement was shown in some drinking cups carved from mammoth ivory and a dipper made from the horn of a mountain sheep.
  • From time to time they paused as they came to some mammoth pine, and gazed in awed wonder at its huge bulk.
  • Its height is fully seventy feet, and its crown is as flat as though cut off with a mammoth pair of pruning-shears.
  • That was the great show: after that, mammoth cucumbers and carrots or rows of agricultural implements did not detain us long.
  • She leant her sweet face on her hand, her elbow on the peculiar kind of mammoth pincushion that at once combined and separated the three seats.
  • There is hardly a breath stirring, and the great chalk-cliffs gleam out in a ghostly fashion, like mammoth wave-crests.
  • In Chapter XXII, "panting of mammonth engines" was changed to "panting of mammoth engines".
  • A great boulder jutted out from one bank, while opposite it, on the other shore, stood or had stood, a mammoth hemlock.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mammoth | Mammoth Sentence

  • Even to mammoth editions.
  • Tell a story of a mammoth hunt.
  • The mammoth man beamed.
  • It was a mammoth forest canopied by clouds.
  • They fill the great hotels and the mammoth steamships.
  • The mammoth man smiled as he held out a giant fist.
  • The R-34 is indeed a mammoth of the air.
  • This is 6 miles from Mammoth Cave.
  • Like Stone Mountain it seemed to be a mammoth rock pile.
  • This mammoth was disentombed during the great thaw of the summer.
  • Who paid them and how did the tenants of these mammoth landlords live?
  • In this land they found some mammoth bones; there are no mammoths now.
  • He had been trying to hide behind the chair a mammoth basket of fruit.
  • It was like a mammoth tent, a solitary centre-pole its only ornament.
  • My friendship for you deplores a mammoth skeleton in your cupboard, James.
  • A mammoth rat; a collection of pirates, murderers, and the like, in wax.
  • This is 4 miles from Mammoth Cave, though belonging to the same company.
  • I. Contributions to the Archaeology of Mammoth Cave and Vicinity, Kentucky.

Definition of Mammoth

Comparable to a mammoth in its size; very large, huge, gigantic. | Any species of the extinct genus Mammuthus, of large, usually hairy, elephant-like mammals with long curved tusks and an inclined back, which became extinct with the last retreat of ice age glaciers during the late Pleistocene period, and are known from fossils, frozen carcasses, and Paleolithic cave paintings found in North America and Eurasia. | (obsolete) A mastodon.
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