Man Could In A Sentence

How To Use Man Could In A Sentence?

  • Certainly no man could have been more given to wandering.
  • Now no single man could carry it.
  • A man could count on no one but himself.
  • No man could see any other alternative.
  • No man could have helped loving her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Man Could | Man Could Sentence

  • Man could do no more.
  • You did all a man could do.
  • The man could not understand.
  • A man could not have done more.
  • Only such a man could have had such a housekeeper.
  • Larry was as settled as a man could be.
  • This man could be bought!
  • You did all that any mortal man could do.
  • Hanger was as cool as man could be.
  • No man could have a better.
  • No man could tempt me from you.
  • He was as reserved as a man could be.
  • No man could conceive it!
  • You have done all that a man could do.
  • A married man could not.
  • No man could ask for it.
  • What man could keep from her?
  • Physically our man could not compare with him.
  • Of this the man could not be certain.
  • Look at the excitement a man could have.
  • He was as suspicious as man could be.
  • She wondered who this man could be!
  • No man could have had a fuller life.
  • No mortal man could have resisted her.
  • No man could have blamed the carriers.
  • No man could live in such a stream.
  • No man could have a room in the house.
  • What wise man could have warned him against it?
  • That a man could bend so low!
  • No better man could have been chosen.
  • But the man could not bear to be withstood.
  • The fallen man could not raise himself.
  • But the perplexity was such that no man could face it.
  • Whither he had fled no man could say.
  • He did not know a man could be so sleepy.
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