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  • With the deft hands of an old roper he tied the man up and flung him on the bed.
  • Now the time is due for me to send some white man up to take the work off his hands.
  • There was a man up in the swaying top of that spruce and he was no other than Takahashi.
  • The first man up flied out to center, and the next man was thrown out at first.
  • But the next man up promptly fouled out, and the clouds seemed to close in again as dark as ever.
  • He took Man up to the sky with him, so that he would be safe from the trouble to come.
  • In trying to deceive the first man up Merriwell gave him three balls in succession.
  • No man up to that time, and I think no man since, has ever received such a communication.
  • Ivan stepped forward, and taking a piece of rope that Helen gave him, tied the man up tightly.
  • I suppose you think it's honour enough to belong to that man up there on the scaffolding.
  • There is something about a well-appointed coach and four which is calculated to puff a man up with vanity.
  • He has been trying to get my father to give him the position of looking after an old man up the river.
  • He would gladly have picked the young man up by his collar and dropped him out of the window into the street below.
  • Where had her father met him, and what diabolical stroke of fate had made him bring this man up here?
  • The one chance that there had been of finding a clue to the mystery had been dissipated by the silence of the sick man up stairs.
  • If you have ever tried to carry a wounded man up a flight of stairs you will know it is not an easy matter.
  • A nurse had told her about it once, and added that it was considered very unethical to take a man up on that sort of a proposal.
  • Here the freight thief was placed in the custody of the local constable, who locked the man up in the garret of his own home.
  • For our present purpose it is most important to notice that if we lift any man up we must have a fulcrum, or point of reaction.
  • Duncan's "wee man up on the hill-side" is a permanent and unspeakable horror of the night.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Man Up | Man Up Sentence

  • And it shows a man up too.
  • Your old man up there is a corker.
  • Soon there was a shout from the man up the tree.
  • He was a masterful man up to a certain point only.
  • The very first man up got a hit and stole second.
  • The first man up got two balls and two strikes.
  • He had supper with the Ol' Man up to the house las' night.
  • Sundays we allow her to have her young man up for the afternoon and evening.
  • Evans tells me another bank had a man up there and thought of opening.
  • In society that means that to lift one man up we push another down.
  • The strange dead man up in the school-house added to their discomfort.
  • To a man up a tall tree it looks as if the colonel were expecting a flood.
  • One glance was sufficient for him; he had summed the man up in an instant.
  • The hunt then returned to the tree, and again sent a man up it.
  • Leastaways, that's the way she looks to a man up a tree.
  • You can't sell a man up the minute his mortgage is due.
  • In the eighth inning the first man up for Brill went out on a pop fly.
  • I'll put a man up here to see he don't slip back to the Bar L-M.
  • And nothing cuts a man up like sorrow, as I have heard good Dr. Beaumont say.
  • We can't just pick a man up off the street and turn him into a superman.

Definition of Man Up

(idiomatic) To "be a man about it"; to do the things a man is traditionally expected to do, such as taking responsibility for the consequences of one's actions, displaying bravery or toughness in the face of adversity, providing for one's family, etc. (Compare man (“brace oneself, steel oneself”).) | (of military personnel) To assemble, each person manning (attending to) his station, prepared for the departure of an aircraft, ship, etc. (Compare man (“supply with staff; take up position to operate”).) | (of other personnel) To staff adequately; to staff up; to successfully fill all needed labor positions. (Compare man (“supply with staff”).)
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