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  • The new management did more.
  • Here was miscalculation or bad management or both.
  • The Rome road management realized this.
  • A Handbook on the Management of Boilers.
  • The management was fortunate in having the assistance of expert subordinates.
  • It protested to the R. W. & O. management over at Oswego.
  • She got rather a reputation for the management of elderly distinguished men.
  • The roots being the same, a little management soon supplies the rest.
  • Earldom, Sancho's views of the management of one, 91.
  • Smith's management were false, and desiring an investigation.

How To Use Management In A Sentence?

  • His powers of cross-examination were very great; his management of a jury unrivalled.
  • In after years and under New York Central management this primary defect was corrected.
  • From that last post, in the summer of 1883 to the management of the Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburgh.
  • These are the few memoranda my uncle left with me as to his wishes respecting the management of the estate.
  • He took up the defence of the management to such good purpose that a number of the other directors went over to his side.
  • The spirit of the times was centralizing management before any mechanical changes of a revolutionizing character had been devised.
  • I suppose there are some thousands of authors who have written with more or less sincerity on the management of the human machine.
  • She was seized on by the management with avidity; she was the saving of the great national theatre for the season.
  • Wayne occupied the time in urging active operations and trying to infuse a more aggressive spirit into the management of affairs.
  • Always the suite was referred to by the management as having once been tenanted by the empress of Germany.
  • If there was any physical awkwardness about him, it was in the management of his long legs; but that difficulty was overcome by his simplicity.
  • Then what shall we say concerning their management of the time and place in which the actions have, or may be supposed to have happened?
  • The church is under the personal care and watchful management of the archbishop of Manila who is now governing.
  • The new management of the property said that the crossings could go down as soon as the street railway company could have them manufactured.
  • He attended to his duties as a magistrate, and to the management of his estate, but seldom went beyond the lodge gates.
  • The board was given power to make studies, among other subjects, of home management and domestic science.
  • Wise forest management requires, first of all, that the choice of species shall be adapted to the soil and climate favored by that species.
  • The conversation turned upon cattle; he boasted of his breed, his mode of managing it, and of the general management of his estate.
  • In the young of this species a few days old, which we have tried to rear, a want of knowledge of this kind of management may have led to failure.
  • Concentration is the secret of strength in politics, in war, in trade, in short, in all management of human affairs.
  • Of course, with such irregularities, which soon became the rule, no firm, careful management of the company was possible.
  • The cruiser was gallantly commanded, and her masterly management upon a lee shore, often forced involuntary admiration even from the captain.
  • Directly the calamity was comprehended, the English poured money into the country with unbounded generosity, but the management was bad.
  • If the management of this business is to be in my hands, I should say let us behave with rectitude at least, if not with liberality.
  • A much greater number of stations is employed and the confusion resulting is distressing not only to the subscribers themselves but also to the management of the company.
  • The management of what Watertown will always know as the "old Rome road" has not been niggardly with its chief town.
  • But always with a feeling that the deeds of the new management and not their mere words or promises would be the atonement for the indignity that had been heaped upon the town.
  • This resulted in the accumulation of a great body of evidence showing the need of improvement in the conditions and household management in the homes from which these children came.
  • Most of the eating places in New York are run at a loss, while the management is marking time and praying for a change in conditions.
  • While the course of study was on a par with all first-class schools, the management did not believe that the students should spend all their time over their books.

Definition of Management

(uncountable, management) Administration; The use of limited resources combined with forecasting, planning, leadership and execution skills to achieve predetermined specific goals. | (management) The executives of an organisation, especially senior executives. | (uncountable) Judicious use of means to accomplish an end.
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