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  • He no longer needed instruction in managing broncho stock.
  • Daniel G. Thompson had been our managing clerk.
  • Honorary Members of the Managing Committee.
  • R. V. Coleman, managing editor.
  • Thomas Kite Brown, Jr., managing editor.
  • An habitual drunkard incapable of managing his affairs; 3.
  • She is so far from managing it, you see, that she leaves it to me to manage.
  • They were managing to hold Cole Dalton off, and they had a reason.

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  • What he did know was that a managing matron would probably work for her own hand and not for his.
  • It seems to me that the man who has been managing this affair has gone beyond proper bounds.
  • But as to managing things, once he had shut his doors and barred them, he was confident.
  • In 1819 he gave up law, and thenceforth gave his entire attention to managing his property.
  • I know more about managing these matters than you do, and I am a better sailor.
  • He was as eloquent as any Bengalee, and he possessed in a high degree the art of managing men.
  • In my work, I was constantly associated with one man, the managing editor.
  • It is so with all the other contrivances for managing force for the accomplishment of particular purposes.
  • From 1911 until 1916 was Managing Editor of the Brookmire Economic Service.
  • To himself he admitted their shrewdness and activity and acknowledged that an experienced head was managing their affairs.
  • They refused to acknowledge that law had any right to interfere in the managing of what they considered their private affairs.
  • I disregarded an annoying tendency to feel dizzy that came over me and was very careful in managing my voice.
  • He cared little or nothing about political organization and rarely consulted the managing politicians of his party.
  • By another year the committee was handling thousands of dollars and managing an enterprise of considerable magnitude.
  • She climbed the long stairs sturdily, managing her breath so that she did not have to stop and rest on the way.
  • This method of managing potatoes is in every respect equal to steaming them, and they are dressed in half the time.
  • These affect the structural organization of business, the relations of the directing and managing organs to one another.
  • It will recall to many a man his experience in teaching pupils, and in managing their opinionated and self-willed parents.
  • He was a man of a truly great genius, and his genius was peculiarly fitted for the understanding and managing of public affairs.
  • Swaying with the jerky motion, but managing to brace himself, he peered through the inky darkness toward the steps leading to the deck.
  • She would be unsexed issuing railway tickets or managing a light business; but she is truly womanly while she is helpless and a burden to others.
  • Fifteen or twenty years spent in managing his affairs on this principle must, of course, produce the fruit naturally to be expected from such seed.
  • I saw a large number of cashiers, all at their desks ready to pay cheques, and one or two who seemed to be the managing partners.
  • The conversation turned upon cattle; he boasted of his breed, his mode of managing it, and of the general management of his estate.
  • The mother, in managing the case in this way, relies partly on convincing the reason of the child, and partly on an appeal to her affection.
  • Getting down on all fours, and managing to hold the stone against his head, Pompey challenged his enemy to combat.
  • It was not realised that in managing a household and in bringing up children there was scope for the most developed character and the finest education.
  • There's not a doubt about it: Florence Levasseur is managing the whole business.
  • The company of which I am managing director owns, as you may have heard, the greatest gold-fields in the world.
  • He makes here a two, and there a one, managing to keep the ball to himself, and Arthur backs up and runs perfectly.
  • Then King would probe or lance or bandage as he saw fit, using anaesthetics when he must, but managing mostly without them.
  • Even when the proceedings had been closed, a strong current of discontent set from the managing head of the Stone Ranch.

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