Manganese in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Manganese

1. Gives the manganese reaction. 🔊

2. Gives the manganese and iron reactions. 🔊

3. Gives the iron and manganese reactions. 🔊

4. Gives the iron and manganese reaction. 🔊

5. A manganese steel of 11 to 14 per cent. 🔊

6. So far as can be detected the manganese dioxide undergoes no change. 🔊

7. As has been stated previously, manganese forms two series of salts. 🔊

How to use Manganese in Sentences?

1. Generally gives the manganese reaction with nitre and carbonate of soda. 🔊

2. Gives a strong manganese reaction with nitre and carbonate of soda. 🔊

3. With nitre and carbonate of soda a slight manganese reaction. 🔊

4. Just how the manganese dioxide brings about this result is not definitely known. 🔊

5. The oxides of manganese give to the soda bead a fine characteristic green color. 🔊

6. When manganese dioxide is fused with an alkali and an oxidizing agent a green compound is formed. 🔊

7. Zinc oxide occurs in impure form in nature, being colored red by manganese and iron compounds. 🔊

8. Generally gives a manganese and slight iron reaction in addition to that of zinc. 🔊

9. According to Figuier (page 579), R. Wagner substituted lead dioxide for the manganese dioxide. 🔊

10. Oxide of Manganese 80.32 Sulphate of Barium, Sand, &c. 🔊

11. Gives the manganese reaction, more or less modified by the presence of other oxides. 🔊

12. Hydrogen dioxide decomposes very rapidly when powdered manganese dioxide is sifted into its concentrated solution. 🔊

13. The amount of oxygen obtained from a given weight of potassium chlorate is exactly the same whether the manganese dioxide is present or not. 🔊

14. This substance is the most abundant manganese compound found in nature, and is the ore from which all other compounds of manganese are made. 🔊