Maniac In A Sentence

Definition of Maniac

An insane person, especially one who suffers from a mania. | A fanatic, a person with an obsession.

How To Use Maniac In A Sentence?

  • The terrific power of the explosion was equal to the maniac determination of the fire.
  • One giant maniac had broken his shackles and rescued one of the guards from the building.
  • He groped for some theory to account for a maniac on a deserted schooner in these desolate seas.
  • It was more than an idea or a passion: it was like the craving of a drug maniac for his poison.
  • A hideous story which he had read about a maniac barber came into his mind with sickening effect.
  • The man was sharp enough when he started at the game, but a maniac at the close.
  • But strain it is, nevertheless, as the occasional carrying of a maniac reveals.
  • Any maniac can kindle a conflagration, but it requires many wise men to put it out.
  • Which is worse, the physical arm of the beast, or the maniac soul of a lying prophet?
  • If the Dona of the scarf were aught but an amiable maniac the thing would be different.
  • I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that Goring is a maniac or something very near one.
  • There, in the crush, he unceremoniously lost her, and sped like a maniac to the entrance gates.
  • I said so, more because Dudley was glaring at Macartney like a maniac than anything else.
  • But, hovering about the notes, There chimes the maniac beating Of black-winged fear.
  • They were as terrified by the presence of this maniac as they would have been on encountering him in their homes.
  • She looked at him with such an air of scorn and defiance that the maniac broke into a new fit of rage.
  • Sometimes he's a maniac vandal ready to smash the phone system for no sane reason at all.
  • We were starved so that we had looked at each other with maniac thoughts, and now we placed in our mouth the very fat of the land.
  • She really hoped they would be, for the thought of staying through that stormy night with a maniac was not a very pleasant one.
  • Nothing could induce the maniac to return, and the young girl thought it best not to oppose her wish.
  • It occurred to her that she would soon become a raving maniac if she lived next door to anyone who talked as much as that.
  • The padre regarded him with tolerance, and never a blink of the eye to denote remembrance of any gentle maniac in particular.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Maniac | Maniac Sentence

  • The maniac is very obstreperous.
  • It was a maniac at large.
  • The maniac screamed and cried.
  • The sigh of that poor maniac depresses you perpetually.
  • They went to the storeroom, where the maniac was bound.
  • The maniac came nearer, and then again suddenly retreated.
  • The scream increased in volume, becoming a maniac bellow.
  • Paula screams and clings like a maniac to Harry.
  • A maniac would be thoroughly at home in a French theatre!
  • I dragged her down to the sea with the strength of a maniac and sprang in.
  • To give a weapon to a furious maniac was out of all question.
  • Who but a maniac would choose to season his victuals with poison?
  • Some members of the police entered, and took the maniac away.
  • I had purposely kept my own bonnet and veil, as the maniac girl wore neither.
  • Enrico Suarez was stabbed to the heart by a maniac with a grievance.
  • The instant that Cosmo appeared the maniac redoubled his cries.
  • And Time, a maniac scattering dust, And Life, a fury, slinging flame.
  • Youh hands are tied, and we've got this heah young maniac to deal with.

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