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  • Is not this plain and manifest to the thought?
  • This kindness began at once to manifest itself.
  • That a conspiracy existed was manifest to everybody.
  • Ill temper was manifest in every word.
  • What would become of our manifest destiny?
  • It was manifest no other proposal would have been fair.
  • Indeed, it was manifest that it was but aggravating them.
  • There his fine taste is manifest in every thing.
  • A comparison makes manifest other changes besides that in the height.
  • In America we manifest this in all the ancient and customary ways.

How To Use Manifest In A Sentence?

  • The poor knight can only manifest his rank by his virtues and general conduct.
  • So it is with ornaments: power or feebleness of character is manifest by the forms produced.
  • It was manifest even thus early that here was a character fitted to make its way in the world.
  • Upon the 25th day of this month, the fulfilling of this prediction will be manifest to every body.
  • There are some folk in this country, you know, who manifest a very retiring disposition at times.
  • It was so pitilessly manifest she was resolved to idealise the situation whatever I might say.
  • This is more manifest every day, but I think it is true throughout English history.
  • It was as manifest that it was composed during the making as that the singers were unconscious of their power.
  • Thoughts vaguely conceived and held tremblingly in the mind will manifest a like character when uttered.
  • We see this feeling manifested every day in the aversion which some individuals manifest to certain animals.
  • Is it to manifest the glory of that goodness to the eye of man, or to shroud it in clouds and darkness?
  • It soon became manifest that my opening and my general spaciousness of method bored my audiences a good deal.
  • Princess shared her consort's manifest pleasure, while the princeling saluted tirelessly.
  • His greatest quality in speaking is his manifest sincerity, and it is this particularly which has ingratiated him in the hearts of his countrymen.
  • That they are not deficient in zeal, at least, is manifest from a circumstance which took place a short time since.
  • If we take soul-cure and body-cure, divinity and medicine, it is manifest that a change has come over us.
  • In fact, one of them was plainly very much out of health, and coughed violently from time to time in spite of manifest efforts to suppress it.
  • But this great benefit will manifest itself by a steady and marked diminution of the food supplies pouring into the great cities of western Europe.
  • For thirty-six millions of citizens to go and fetch the corn they want from Odessa, is a manifest impossibility.
  • But I reply, that the work here ascribed to mercy is not the most appropriate, nor the most fitted to manifest it and impress it on the heart.
  • It made it more necessary, I thought, to leaven the purely obstructive and reactionary elements that were at once manifest in the opposition.
  • It is manifest that he was not an advocate of the doctrine of political equality as it came to be taught by the leaders of the Republican Party.
  • It was just because of the manifest and challenging respectability of my position that I had been able to carry the thing as far as I had done.
  • It is too manifest to admit either of doubt or denial, that the power of thinking, feeling, and willing, does not belong to every form of matter.
  • A result of this modesty of mine was made manifest to me in a very striking way, some years afterward, when Jean was nine years old.
  • For some minutes they gazed on the strange sight and talked in low voices, and in those few minutes it was manifest to all that the waves were increasing in size.
  • These things ruffle the temper somewhat, and our equanimity is not improved by the intense stupidity which our native servants always manifest upon these occasions.
  • As formerly stated, the whole idea of law relates only to the mode in which the Deity is pleased to manifest His power in the natural world.
  • More than ever now was the anomaly made manifest which has been hinted at before, namely, the promiscuous mixing in convivial intercourse of persons of the most opposite views.
  • Even young children manifest this aversion, especially when they have previously been forced to attend church, and to engage in devotional exercises against their inclination.

Definition of Manifest

Evident to the senses, especially to the sight; apparent; distinctly perceived. | Obvious to the understanding; apparent to the mind; easily apprehensible; plain; not obscure or hidden. | (rare, used with "of") Detected; convicted.
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