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  • Manifestations of disloyalty became universal.
  • We confine ourselves to typical manifestations of it.
  • Nor need the manifestations of sex be physical.
  • Why do these holy Manifestations of God appear?
  • Thus there have been many holy Manifestations of God.
  • Men are ignorant; the Manifestations of God make them wise.
  • Odd Manifestations of Particularistic Feeling.
  • His intelligence possesses them as the manifestations of itself.
  • How early in life do we have manifestations of a conscious will?
  • He will have an authority derived from the manifestations of signs and wonders.
  • They flow from it, and are the manifestations of its activity.
  • Could the image be gone with no divine manifestations of its loss?
  • They did not see how they could ever repay the manifestations of its people.
  • Manifestations of extravagant thirst, which water could not satisfy.
  • Events are expressions of thoughts; institutions are manifestations of soul.
  • Irony is only one of the manifestations of Daudet's humor.
  • As to mediumship, or any manifestations of it, I know almost nothing.
  • This brotherhood is established by the Manifestations of the Holy One.

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  • I confess to some indecorous manifestations of displeasure at these circumstances.
  • And the manifestations of reason are as varied as the objects which supply its material.
  • Recall any very early manifestations of religious character in small children.
  • This statement is as true of suicide as it is of other manifestations of national character.
  • Between 1634 and 1638 the manifestations of this dislike became conspicuous and alarming.
  • He did not know what peculiar shape the manifestations of the evening might take.
  • Caiaphas was leading them proudly, exulting in the manifestations of their zeal.
  • When we resumed our march again there were several manifestations of bad temper and weariness.
  • I am rather more inclined to study the general manifestations of the gambling spirit.
  • In other words, morality and religion are but different manifestations of the same principle.
  • There is the physical body, and the spirit to which the manifestations of mind belong.
  • Fifthly, manifestations of the religious life will vary in children and in families.
  • But the manifestations of mediumistic energy still remain manifestations of mediumistic energy!
  • The classical attitude of the great age had produced splendid manifestations of thought and form.
  • But all this was in vain, if we dare to call any manifestations of heroic devotion in vain.
  • We can, however, find some concrete manifestations of this philosophic attitude.
  • Do we not regard them as manifestations of an admirable power, intelligence, and wisdom?
  • The butterflies, the pleasant aromas, and all the manifestations of rural beauty pleased him.
  • Some manifestations of electricity had been known since long before the Christian era.
  • As all our doings are but exhibitions of our minds, so ourselves are manifestations of God.
  • All created things are visible manifestations of His fatherhood, mercy and heavenly bestowals.
  • All the holy Manifestations of God have proclaimed and promulgated the same reality.

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