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  • Vaughan nodded, with his Manilla between his teeth.
  • Des morgens ten acht uren vertrekken wij van Manilla.
  • Den zes-en-twintigsten October waren wij weder te Manilla.
  • Nothing daunted, Ward collected some more Manilla men and renewed the attack.

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  • This city of Manilla was founded in the island of Luzon, which is very fertile and populous.
  • Thenceforth Spanish galleons sailed annually from Acapulco to Manilla, and back by Macao.
  • The whole mass is a mixture of sweet, soft pulp and coarse white fibers much like manilla rope-yarn.
  • They also encountered the great Manilla galleon, but were beaten off after a severe engagement with a loss of twenty-five men.
  • Meanwhile Kenyon was deftly making "bowlines on the bight" at the extremities of two three-inch manilla ropes.
  • The prizes had been manned, the prisoners were on board, the boats hoisted up, and the Manilla still remained hove to.
  • And the yellow stone itself was not so yellow as it once had been, but had now the appearance of soiled manilla wrapping paper, with black streaks here and there where the soot had run.
  • From thence, with the outward mails, it could run rapidly westward to Canton, calling at Manilla in the voyage.
  • There is the "Katharina", much heavier in build, she took 180 days to fetch wet sugar and hemp from Manilla.
  • Monsieur le Maire, of course, played his game of manilla at the cafe, after dinner, and generally came home just before Aristide took his leave.
  • So they took some rope grass, tough as manilla, and tied him firmly, and, after having gagged him, they left him to be found later by some of his countrymen.
  • Lay on the mounting board a piece of heavy manilla paper somewhat larger than the picture, then put the crayon on this face up, next the passepartout, and last the clean glass.
  • The outside jacket was made of hemp instead of jute; the iron wires of the sheath were galvanized, and the Manilla hemp which covered them was not tarred.
  • He marched in and bought a fathom of strong manilla line, called the foolish dog to him, found that he wore a nondescript collar, and hastily fastened the line to the aforesaid collar.
  • Upon this intelligence, Captain Delmar immediately resigned the command of the Manilla, and another Captain was appointed to her.
  • Off Cape Lucas they captured a rich Manilla ship, laden with merchandise, and containing L12,000 in gold and silver.
  • The fifth is the Mother of Pearl Shell, from Manilla, of equal value and size, but with a slight yellow tinge round the edge.
  • Outside this was a coating of hemp or jute yarn, saturated with a preservative composition; while the sheath consisted of ten iron wires, each previously covered with five tarred Manilla yarns.
  • In August, 1840, he made a second visit to Sarawak, intending to tarry there a few days, and then proceed homeward by the way of Manilla and China.
  • Augustus vertrokken wij van Balanga en keerden naar Manilla terug, van waar wij, een paar weken later, ons naar de provincie Albay begaven.
  • The accurate aim of Dewey's gunners at Manilla, and Sampson and Schley's at Santiago, was nothing less than wonderful.
  • Having touched at Manilla, they were passing through the Straits of Gaspar, when the ship suddenly struck on a reef of sunken rocks, and it became evident that she must inevitably and speedily break up.
  • In de plaats van de sultans en andere souvereine vorsten trad de koning van Spanje op, vertegenwoordigd door den gouverneur-generaal, die zijne residentie te Manilla had.
  • N. Hollandt mede by ons op de reede ende de vrunden aldaer rapporteerden ons mede van des vijants macht in Manilla gelyck die van Orange gedaen hadden.
  • I returned on board of the Manilla, took leave of the surgeon, and master, and other officers, and then of all my mess-mates, and a boat was manned to take Bob Cross and me on board of the Firefly.
  • At Mindanao, Captain Swan and thirty-six men were left behind by his crew, who were only anxious for plunder, and soon after captured a Spanish vessel bound for Manilla.
  • We carried sail day and night, and as the Manilla proved a remarkably fast sailer, we were very soon in Carlisle Bay, Barbadoes, where we found the admiral and six sail of the line, and a few smaller vessels.
  • His objects were to capture the Spanish plate vessels sailing from Buenos Ayres, to lie in wait for the gold ship from Boldivia to Lima, and to seize the Manilla galleon.
  • In this last island, Mendana, with many of his companions, died; and the shattered remains of the squadron were conducted to Manilla, by Pedro Fernandes de Quiros, the chief pilot.
  • Lay a piece of manilla paper on the table about twelve inches larger on each edge than your strainer, placing the strainer on it face up; rub a handful of cotton batting first in the crayon sauce and then on the manilla paper to remove any foreign substance.
  • I then walked down to the dockyard to have a look at the Manilla, which was, as I had heard, a splendid vessel; went up again to order a mate's uniform, and returned to the hotel.
  • You can easily recognize them, as they resemble a broad, wavy-margined grass, usually lying flat upon the ground, with some of the ragged brown fibres of the bulb showing aboveground, like the fragment of an old manilla mat.
  • Het succes had grooter kunnen zijn, indien 's lands vloot "haar ordre in het aandoen van Manilla beter hadde naergecomen, gelijck se sonder eenich verlet wel hadde conne doen".
  • Taking the light Manilla painter, he proceeded to form a large loop, and grasping it near the running knot, laid half a dozen turns across his hand.
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