Manservant In A Sentence

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  • The manservant entered.
  • A manservant opened the door.
  • The manservant came out with a cup of coffee.
  • To keep a manservant for protection would not do.
  • A manservant carried up two flickering candles for us.
  • A coachman and manservant were the only other members of the family.
  • She jangled a bell and asked that the manservant be sent to her.

How To Use Manservant In A Sentence?

  • The smooth manservant lowered his head in a nod that was just not a bow, and closed the tall door.
  • The men help themselves, but a manservant is present to supply fresh glasses, etc.
  • I once had a manservant who told me on a certain occasion that he "never thought a word about it.
  • She went to the door and opened it for herself; the smooth manservant was deprived of the spectacle of her departure.
  • I went back to my rooms, and while there a manservant whom Essaieff had promised to send to me, arrived.
  • This was only a passing expression, however; it rapidly gave place to sorrow, when she saw the manservant coming from the sick man.
  • In Ohio the manservant scowled at him because he involuntarily stared after his mistress as she paced the platform while the train waited at a station.

Definition of Manservant

A male servant.
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