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  • The approved types of parachutes are the manually operated free type.

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  • She knew he was an ordinary Italian fiddler who preferred to fiddle for food rather than to work manually for it.
  • And this is why Bill did not pull the ring on his manually operated, free parachute before diving out of the amphibian.
  • These types are manually controlled, but automatic control types, to meet almost any condition, can be obtained and are in use in many cities.
  • The six Sense Switches allow the operator to manually select program options or cause a jump to another program in memory.
  • In the early forms of telephones these switching operations were performed by a manually operated switch, the position of which the user was obliged to change before and after each use of the telephone.
  • This furnace of the reverberatory type is provided with side openings by which the turning over of the ore can be manually effected, and the new ore can be charged and afterwards withdrawn.

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