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Definition of Manuscript

handwritten, or by extension manually typewritten, as opposed to being mechanically reproduced. | A book, composition or any other document, written by hand (or manually typewritten), not mechanically reproduced. | A single, original copy of a book, article, composition etc, written by hand or even printed, submitted as original for (copy-editing and) reproductive publication.

How To Use Manuscript In A Sentence?

  • You should have seen the manuscript when he sent it home: not a page but was scarred and cut.
  • He sent his manuscript to a publisher, and was rejoiced to hear of its acceptance within a week.
  • The manuscript of the entire sermon is short, but twenty-two pages of writing and one blank leaf.
  • In the volume of text belonging to this atlas Humboldt discusses our manuscript on pp.
  • This is the manuscript diary of a weaver of Oldham roughly covering the period 1787 to 1830.
  • I wrote the book in San Francisco and delivered the manuscript within contract time.
  • Much of his music is lost; more of it lies in manuscript at the British Museum and elsewhere.
  • Can it be that those who used the manuscript were expected to find the proper numbers by the line given?
  • Of the three persons who have seen the manuscript only one understood it, and all three condemned it.
  • The creation of the first manuscript still was, but now it could be replicated and distributed to everyone.
  • I can only hold up a copy of verses," and he waved the manuscript deprecatingly.
  • In truth, he was glancing at his companion very anxiously over the top, until the manuscript had been laid down.
  • Here there was a general wish expressed to have the manuscript read; particularly on the part of the inquisitive gentleman.
  • I did not venture to make any further effort to shake his resolution, and for two decades his manuscript was carefully treasured in my desk.
  • He died of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-five, and left behind him manuscript verses which were later published by his daughter.
  • As illustrating the expansion in the printed sermon as compared with the manuscript prepared for preaching, see note p. 157.
  • Surely fewer words would have been lost if the prefator had said at once that the work was from the manuscript preserved at Cambridge.
  • Use italics (indicated in manuscript by underscoring), except in writing for a periodical that follows a different practice.
  • If the manuscript is a short story by a popular author, it may be printed with wide margins and wide leading in order to make a book of fair size.
  • The two appear to be united in one in the lower division of Plate XXVI of the Manuscript Troano.
  • I ran back to the office, told them I had dropped the manuscript in the street, but asked them not to say anything to you about it.
  • It had vanished completely, whirled off to all four corners of the earth probably, this manuscript from which Lucien had expected so much.
  • Katharine was turning over the pages of his manuscript as if she were looking for some passage that had particularly struck her, and had a difficulty in finding it.
  • I found one or two of his books on the table and put them back in the shelves, but I found no manuscript or notes such as he used to make.
  • This view appears to be confirmed by its use otherwise than as a numeral symbol at several points in the text of the Manuscript Troano.
  • She had the income from an insurance policy of a thousand pounds and he had left the manuscript of a schoolbook, which was to have been the first of many such.
  • I laughed a little at your fear that I would take offense because you did not want my manuscript by sending me the ridiculous sum I named to you.
  • Third, we find rows or lines composed entirely of this symbol, as in the so-called title page of the Manuscript Troano.
  • In 1576 his manuscript on the reform of the calendar was presented to the Roman Curia by his brother, Antonius.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Manuscript | Manuscript Sentence

  • The original manuscript shows the most careful preparation.
  • In which shape did the manuscript lie before Aglio?
  • The original manuscript bears the date, August, 1733.
  • The manuscript was not printed and it has not been preserved.
  • They had never seen such even and perfect manuscript in their lives.
  • The creation of a manuscript was no longer a one-pointed affair.
  • In the original edition of 1825 scarcely half of the manuscript was printed.
  • He had left the manuscript of his unfortunate play in the North.
  • Appears but once or twice and in the Manuscript Troano only.
  • By my contract I was to deliver the manuscript in July of 1868.
  • The signature of the manuscript here noted, E 451, is the one still in use.

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