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How To Use Many In A Sentence?

  • But in the middle of her many occupations she would now and then stop short to think.
  • Nor could we resist a great many other conclusions which are frightful in the extreme.
  • It is not surprising that the life we led left many gaps which it was hard to fill.
  • I think they all died in imagination many times before they reached the top of the pass.
  • We had lost a good many men in action on various occasions, and a few officers.
  • But after a pleasant talk of many hours the purple and fine linen used to ride away baffled.
  • By many theologians this difficulty, instead of being solved, is most fearfully aggravated.
  • Here, of course, at this rendezvous of troops many old friends ran across one another.
  • The yak and donkey drivers were Tibetans, as also were many of the hospital ambulance carriers.
  • Humanity has hardly advanced in fortitude since that time, though it has advanced in many other ways.
  • Our artillery fired a great many rounds in that direction, but it was difficult to ascertain what effect they had.
  • It is mentioned as a high degree of wickedness in many of the heathen, that they were without natural affection.
  • Mr. Mill himself has not been more fortunate in this respect than many of his distinguished predecessors.
  • But we may produce many instances of suffering among human beings, which are not a punishment for sin.
  • We have many objections to this mode of explaining the origin of moral evil, some few of which we shall proceed to state.
  • Is he really sincere in the use of means for the salvation of all, since he permits so many to hold out in their rebellion and perish?
  • Malay idiosyncracy evidences the survival of many primal influences forgotten or denied by races of higher type and deeper culture.
  • He has to foresee the wants of many hungry mouths months ahead, and fit them in to a scanty allowance of transport.
  • Humanity, since that time, has advanced in many other ways, but it has hardly advanced in fortitude.
  • Frequent exceptions are also necessary in textbooks, guidebooks, and other works in which many topics are treated briefly.
  • In fact, from here onwards for many days to come, there seemed very little chance of obtaining any grazing for our animals.
  • In some instances, nay, in very many instances, it is intended to discipline and form the mind to virtue.
  • Beyond Gyantse there was no regular parcels post, so that of many articles we were feeling a keen want.
  • Brahminism through centuries of isolation, has assimilated many extraneous heathen rites, and wild superstitions have overlaid the original creed.
  • We have final causes, instrumental causes, occasional causes, predisposing causes, efficient causes, and many others.
  • The tangle of brilliant flowers, systematically arranged by the concealed art of the Eastern horticulturist, shows many weird botanical forms.
  • In these will be found full discussions of many points here briefly treated and an abundant store of illustrations to supplement those given in this book.
  • Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements.
  • Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Many | Many Sentence

  • I had a great many things to do.
  • There are many exceptions to this remark.
  • This has been shown by many of the advocates of necessity.
  • In many cases, the rooms were poorly ventilated.
  • The fight at Naini was waged for many weary hours.
  • This was a favourite opinion with many of the ancient philosophers.
  • However, in many cases the villages were completely deserted.
  • This caused many checks, which culminated in the block at the bridge.
  • A glance round the room showed many bright colours and striking contrasts.
  • How many of the selfish, pampered ones amount to a row of pins?
  • Browning, to cite a more modern author, affords many striking examples.

Definition of Many

A large number of; numerous. | A multitude; a great aggregate; a mass of people; the generality; the common herd. | A considerable number.
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