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  • But plunge marauding through the frightened land.
  • Not a sign of the marauding Indians had they seen.
  • The orders against marauding were punctuated by a striking example this day.
  • Toussaint is no longer the leader of marauding bands but the head of an army.
  • They simply could not say a word, for marauding was punishable with death.
  • It would seem that I am systematically pestered with marauding cats.
  • At Orleans the settlers had had two or three brushes with marauding Mohawks.
  • A stirring story of fights with marauding Tories on the Jersey Pine Barrens.

How To Use Marauding In A Sentence?

  • You have dispersed marauding bands of savages that have hung upon your lines.
  • The fact of a force like ours being at their mercy would set all the marauding scoundrels longing.
  • He reached the entrance to the second warehouse without sighting even a marauding tom.
  • But it was surprise only, fear having small place in his wild, marauding heart.
  • As nowadays, the Moors cruised in boats from the commencement of their marauding expeditions.
  • But he had a gang of marauding ruffians at his heels, and God alone knew what might happen.
  • For the marauding hordes of the Bantu are once more roving where European dwellings used to stand.
  • They had been ambushed scarce four hours from Quebec by a baud of marauding Oneidas.
  • The reply told Barclay that the man he had under lock and key really was the marauding Arab chief.
  • For he knew, of course, that I knew of his marauding ... and of the mates' and sailmaker's ...
  • He had accompanied his comrades on the last marauding expedition previous to that remarkable accident, but he had not returned with them.
  • After a long delay they were admitted, the widow explaining that she had been a good deal troubled by marauding volunteers.
  • Were our cherished plans to be frustrated by a marauding cow, who little realised that she was imperilling her own means of existence?
  • Over the spot he piled a cairn of stones to mark it, and protect the little store from marauding animals.
  • Other plunderers speedily followed the example of the marauding soldiers, but he made no attempt to stop them as they walked past him.
  • In his way he was a man of great wealth, and he added to that wealth by frequent marauding expeditions and slave-dealing.
  • Also there were cunningly devised screens of fine wire in all the windows, so that the marauding fly and the pestilential mosquito might not enter.
  • A marauding party of half-a-dozen might prove too much for many times their own number, when unprepared.
  • It was a relief for the family to feel that they could now go where they pleased without fear of marauding bands of Indians.
  • But that night he had been at odds with convention; his spirit had been that of the marauding old Dutchman of the seventeenth century.
  • But the hamlet put up no resistance; it lay still and deserted, as though some marauding monster had torn it in its teeth and passed on by.
  • The light of Aline's joy went out like a ray of moonlight swallowed up by a marauding cloud.
  • From the noise there must have been a score of men, anxious, no doubt, to secure the marauding chief feared by all the caravans.
  • They were not merely the riotous and isolated outbursts of marauding and buccaneering soldiers, but were ordered by Imperial command.
  • Not the least of the problems in controlling the marauding activities of some of the nomadic tribes is the difficulty of meting out adequate punishment to peace-breakers.
  • The villagers were hard put to it to protect themselves against fierce knights and noblemen who rode at the head of marauding bands to steal and plunder at will.
  • The injuries suffered from their marauding habits form only a subordinate charge against them, as though it had not been practically felt to be so great a grievance.
  • The entire marauding expedition of twenty Peruvians was completely wiped out, not a single one escaping the deadly aim of the Mangeromas.
  • Shortly after the drive had begun at Ust Padenga marauding parties of the enemy were reported far in our rear in the vicinity of Shegovari.
  • When marauding expeditions," says Bancroft, "returned with sheep and hogs and cattle captured from islands, the bells were rung as for victory.
  • As a young girl she was at best a sort of caged bird, who had to be guarded against the youth of the other sex as if they, on their part, were so many marauding and ravening cats.

Definition of Marauding

raiding and pillaging | (of an animal) killing in wanton fashion. | (of an animal) killing domestic animals.
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