Marble In A Sentence

Definition of Marble

Made of, or resembling, marble. | (figuratively) Cold; hard; unfeeling. | (transitive) To cause (something to have) the streaked or swirled appearance of certain types of marble, for example by mixing viscous ingredients incompletely, or by applying paint or other colorants unevenly.

How To Use Marble In A Sentence?

  • In the sunless cold of the lingering night into marble statues grow!
  • When the sawing has been completed stone-cutters trim and prepare the marble for shipment.
  • A marble slab, bearing an inscription in modern characters, is fixed in the side of the mountain.
  • Mercedes didn't notice the moon reflecting off Lloyd's glass while she sat on the marble slab.
  • I heard the trailing garments of the Night Sweep through her marble halls!
  • You'll see my name wrote on tablets in marble halls some day; because I've got a hard job.
  • I do not wish to be dragged through the whole city to the other cemetery, with its pompous marble monuments.
  • They were staying at the hotel, and one day they went with a party from there up to see the marble quarries.
  • All of this added a most natural aura to the naked smoothness of the marble and the stone, utilized throughout the building.
  • The greater then was my surprise to enter a hall paved in black and white marble and in its dimness appearing of palatial proportions.
  • Sages proclaimed 'neath many a marble porch, Advance!
  • There is another hall lined with glasses of the height of three feet, with marble seats and ceilings gilt with pure gold.
  • Her dusky hair hung like a midnight cloud around her sloping shoulders, and contrasted strangely with the marble whiteness of her lovely face.
  • Much white-washing was done at this time, even the numerous Purbeck marble shafts being covered with it.
  • Ulric flushed with pleasure, and led her up the marble steps to the King's audience chamber.
  • With that they went in and found a great hall paved with marble slabs, and numbers of servants in attendance, who opened the great doors for them.
  • Some interesting antiquities in marble and terra-cotta, found in Crete, are the only ornaments of the room.
  • A green vine, growing out of an ancient yellowed marble jar, wandered at will across one wall and up the brick of the chimney-place.
  • As soon as he got inside the house, he found everything was marble and gold; and the hangings were of velvet, with great golden tassels.
  • It was a well-meant effort, which had the effect of congealing the already subdued Joan into something resembling a marble effigy.
  • The wall and pier dados, which extend from these marble slabs to the beautiful Azulejos floor, are all made in elegant mosaic.
  • On the south side of the chancel, in the easternmost bay, is a plain, dark-coloured marble coffin, without any inscription or ornament.
  • As he laughed, Dad caught sight of him, and clinging to a marble angel with one arm for support, beckoned wildly with the other.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Marble | Marble Sentence

  • What of the marble quarries?
  • At length the marble steps were reached.
  • For a marble he would let you blow it while he held it.
  • I seem to walk on a marble floor, where nothing will grow.
  • As marble white, And faith, almost as strong.
  • The Entry is by Steps of black Marble or Stone.
  • At the top of the dark marble altar steps there are tiles again.
  • Columns of veined marble stand in ranks on either side of the entrance.
  • Vincy had arranged an elaborate tea on his little green marble dining-table.
  • The dark marble columns supporting the central gable are beautifully veined.
  • On and on flew the swallow, till he came to a white marble palace.
  • Parian wreaths were very white because the marble of Paros was pure.
  • Tear down temple and stronghold; sweep away the marble palace and log-house!
  • Her totality glistened like the polished marble god-statues from Laurentine.
  • The marble head with Miss Moorsom's face!
  • Nor leaves it red nor marble white, But rosy-pale, like April eves.
  • In front of the fine white marble chimney-piece were Dame Beldi's children.

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