March In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For March | March Sentence

  • He is on his march now.
  • What a march was that!
  • All march out singing.
  • The march was again resumed.
  • The march of victory.
  • Resumed the march at daylight.
  • Was his march so terrible?
  • His march was an ovation.
  • They had stolen a march on me.
  • Will you march forward?
  • Its march is continuous.
  • We resumed the march again.
  • Then the march began.
  • Prepare for the march to town.
  • The march was ghastly.
  • The march was resumed.
  • Impending his march to success.
  • Now march into the house.
  • They took up the march to the ford.
  • We are really on the march at last.
  • And meanwhile all things march on the same.
  • The order of march was now changed.
  • We were on the march from nine to five.
  • Then he was told to march outside.
  • At daybreak we were to take up the march again.
  • The southerly march was discontinued.
  • The heat on that march was severe.
  • The march is instantly halted.
  • We were then ready to march to camp.
  • The order to march was given.
  • He died on the march soon after.
  • The march of mind had not overtaken it.
  • The march out was to be above all a portrait group.
  • Kenneth had enjoyed the march hugely.
  • The orders were to march round him.

How To Use March In A Sentence?

  • Frank drummed a march on his knees.
  • Then they would rise and march on again.
  • The day after our march was a halt.
  • He stole no march on us.
  • But now the march drew to an end.

Definition of March

(intransitive) To have common borders or frontiers | (obsolete) Smallage.
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