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  • She was always markedly polite.
  • The pair were markedly contrasted.
  • The series cannot but prove markedly successful.
  • I found the reflection markedly distasteful.
  • Waste has been markedly absent in the petroleum industry.
  • On the contrary, she markedly avoided the subject.
  • Like him, he is of quite markedly small stature.
  • Sir Colin markedly so.
  • Dublin scholarship has in this matter been markedly correct.
  • It was that she was markedly irregular in her hours of rising.
  • Relative humidities do not differ markedly from those at other stations.
  • The microclimate of the drainage differs markedly from that of other stations.
  • That seemed to her a figure not markedly vivid, and she continued.
  • As a rule, not; but markedly inflammatory lesions are painful.
  • This is markedly true of Picasso who instigated the movement.
  • His undoubted good looks were not markedly of the Latin type.
  • Lady Grosville hardly spoke to her, and the girls markedly avoided her.
  • Insanity is markedly decreasing in India, despite consanguineous marriages.
  • So far Orpheus has behaved well, besides him no one very markedly so.
  • In this the Roman ritual is markedly different from the Greek.
  • The valleys are markedly V-shaped, while ours are markedly U-shaped.

How To Use Markedly In A Sentence?

  • This difference between the two showed itself very markedly in their several careers.
  • I always find it difficult to be just to a person of markedly unpleasant appearance.
  • This breed differs in certain respects very markedly from the other standard breeds of ducks.
  • I believe the condition of farm-hands has been markedly improved of late years.
  • It is a most beautiful tree both in form and colour, and is markedly gregarious in habit.
  • They at once opened on us with speeches, but these were markedly fewer here than farther south.
  • Any one endowed with normal powers of speech can imitate a markedly nasal speaking voice.
  • The moral character of Allah was not markedly in advance of that of his people.
  • The strike was markedly peaceful throughout, no one being hurt and hardly any one arrested.
  • It was markedly so as he turned his face towards Joseph whilst the latter was speaking.
  • This was a markedly severe sentence by the usual wrist-slapping standards of "hacker" busts.
  • Powers states that they differ markedly in physical traits from all California tribes met by him.
  • She was markedly Socratic this afternoon, when the whole party were having tea on the lawn.
  • Mrs. Butler rose from her seat, to express more markedly her disgust for colonial viands.
  • But in a cask containing a deceased Jew, the center of gravity would be markedly ex-centric.
  • The people are seldom prognathous, yet individuals are met with who are markedly so (Plate V).
  • There was nothing markedly abnormal in any of these conditions, which harmonized with my former experiences.
  • It is claimed that a tinge of color sometimes passes over a generation and appears more markedly in the next.
  • There was as yet no promise of the passing of the storm, though its violence had markedly decreased.

Definition of Markedly

In a marked manner; distinctly, noticeably, conspicuously.
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