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  • The best marksman won a prize.
  • Each succeeding marksman had exploded his own theory, and passed on.
  • If the marksman had no business in the Lodge he could easily have got away.

How To Use Marksman In A Sentence?

  • He did not forget that he was a good marksman and he had both rifle and pistols.
  • It would have been difficult for any ambushed marksman to have escaped his notice.
  • If the marksman that had shot the fox was up here, from which window did he shoot?
  • The hidden marksman was a good shot to drive his bullets as close as he had at that distance.
  • But for the unerring aim of the town marksman great events would never have happened.
  • It is merely the better swordsman or marksman who wins, and not of necessity the better man.
  • If any tolerable marksman were on board, he could easily pick off the two occupants of the raft.
  • He became a skillful marksman with his bow, and knew every animal trail the island afforded.
  • His skill as a marksman was considered extraordinary even in his country, where good shots are so common.
  • It is no easy matter even for an experienced marksman to hit a running object from the back of a flying horse.
  • With such a weapon a marksman would find no difficulty in lodging a bullet in the eye of a chamois at the distance of two thousand paces.
  • He fired; and, as the reptile was not ten feet from him, so skilful a marksman could hardly help hitting him.
  • A good marksman with the repeating rifle would kill a score of bowmen, before they could approach near enough to reach him with their arrows.
  • He stood up on the battlements, and dashed down the ladders till he was shot by a famous marksman of Lorraine.
  • A single man could not afford to come too near to a marksman so deadly, and the three or four who led dropped back with the main body.
  • But Garry was only a step behind him when, a moment later, the former leaned over the spot where that invisible marksman had stood.
  • She knocked against that excellent marksman in time to spoil his shot, and save the life of a Kiowa on whose destruction he had set his heart.
  • Every man was a marksman and understood how to take all possible advantage of the situation to make his work most effective and at the same time take care of himself.
  • Peering down, he could see Healy, with superb contempt for the marksman above, slowly and carefully carry his wounded comrade to shelter.
  • Thus did the fortunate marksman march amidst music; the officials of the city delivered to him the banner and the coins, with the jovial plate of honour.
  • It was evident that his towering form had rendered him a conspicuous target; some accurate marksman had aimed at his heart, and the ambrotype-case had preserved his life.
  • Their flight is very rapid and erratic, and accompanied by a peculiar whistling sound made by the rapid motion of the wings; it requires a skillful marksman to bring them down.
  • The story runs that Pedro had this stairway made in order to communicate with his faithful servant Juan Diente, a famous marksman with the bow.
  • Not even Elaine was greatly frightened by this overture from the enemy, whose marksman could have but a limited view of that unused section of the headland.
  • The guns to be so furnished were to be breach loaders, to have telescopic sights, hair triggers, and all the requisites for the most perfect shooting that the most skillful marksman could desire.

Definition of Marksman

A man or person skilled at hitting targets, as with a firearm, bow, or thrown object. | (soccer) Goalscorer.
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