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How To Use Marksmanship In A Sentence?

  • American determination and American marksmanship had saved three American lives.
  • But, generally speaking, the marksmanship of the Russians was too wild for the firing to have serious effect.
  • It would require no marksmanship at 50 or 100 yards to send our Spencer bullets into the mass without singling out any particular animal.
  • They had still the great advantage of the shelter of the woods and the formation of the soldiers, while their marksmanship kept those directly in front of them almost out of range.
  • The presence of a staff officer gave new courage to the men, and their marksmanship began to have effect on the enemy, who were seen to be gradually falling back.
  • But most remarkable of all in the history of the navy from first to last has been the superb work of the "men behind the guns," whose marksmanship has been the despair and envy of the world.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Marksmanship | Marksmanship Sentence

  • And fine marksmanship ran in the family.
  • Their marksmanship was magnificent, say the eye witnesses.
  • He had no wish to test the rancher's marksmanship further.
  • Young Pete stared up at him, expecting praise for his marksmanship and energy.

Definition of Marksmanship

The ability to shoot accurately at a target.
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