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  • It is such marriages that are failures.
  • I believe in early marriages myself.
  • Among Eastern races marriages are always arranged.
  • Hawtry now writes that second marriages are no marriages at all.
  • The records of marriages are kept in the proper office here.
  • That is perhaps the reason why so few international marriages are happy.
  • He gave a scrutinizing glance at the marriages of all his acquaintances.
  • She perhaps imagines that human marriages are of the same ideal sort!
  • She was talking of transatlantic marriages in general, and her own particular.
  • I think on the whole the arranged marriages turn out as well as any others.
  • I've seen it in marriages made in a hurry during the war.
  • Down to a late day, marriages performed by dissenters were illegal.
  • Marian always spoke of marriages as "matches," but that was again a detail.
  • Opera Comique, making of marriages at the; artists of the.
  • I'm not so silly as to think that all marriages turn out like mine.

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  • But there would be no marriages at all if men took any notice of such bagatelles as that.
  • The international marriages that turn out well make no noise, but there are plenty of them.
  • Decidedly these marriages turn out better than the made-up marriages in France.
  • Christian burial, Baptisms and marriages could only be performed in the graveyards.
  • Funerals and marriages are probably more often celebrated by a dog feast than are any other of their ceremonials.
  • The marriages that began with youthful raptures didn't always turn out the most satisfactory.
  • The financier was a king and many marriages of princes and dukes with daughters of men of wealth are recorded.
  • He spent all his own fortune, and most of theirs, besides being the means of breaking off comfortable marriages for both.
  • The table does not seem to be complete; it is therefore useless to enquire on what principle these marriages are arranged.
  • The theory that marriages should be made in the laboratory; the Wassermann test for love. EVIL.
  • I was as happy as before, although no more doubloons fell into my hands, after the marriages took place.
  • These rights are acquired by birth; except in the instance of the offspring of unlawful marriages between persons of different castes.
  • I think there are too many matches made merely from a fancy, and that is one cause of so many unhappy marriages and so many divorces.
  • In my opinion, the majority of marriages will have a chance of turning out happily when the following will have become customs and laws: 1.
  • The criminal statistics of Badger county show that in that single year more marriages occurred than in any decade before or since.
  • Then Mrs. Stevens began a harangue on the evils of second marriages and wound up by declaring they were compacts of the devil.
  • I believe then that the time will come when the trade in vice will cease; and if I am right, early marriages will become the rule in all classes.
  • Such marriages could not have occurred except when relationship through males was not sufficiently acknowledged for a bar to marriage to have been raised upon it.
  • There is quite a boom in the French matrimonial market just at present, and not marriages of convenience either, but real good love matches.
  • A curious feature of these marriages is that the children of the anomalous union pass into the class which would have been theirs if their mother had wedded her normal spouse.
  • The Duke, who loved her with a devotion rarely found in marriages of state, is inconsolable since her death, and has shut himself from all society.
  • Marriages by consent only, are not rendered void by a provision punishing parties for solemnizing marriages in any other manner than that prescribed by law.
  • The good bishop was nothing if not methodical and thorough; and he was determined that the matter of the false and true marriages should be threshed out to the last grain.
  • It could not give her mother heart-disease, for she would not know of it till she should hear it in the land where there are neither marriages nor sickness.
  • When a girl recognizes her pregnancy she at once joyfully tells her condition to the father of the child, as all women desire children and there are few permanent marriages unblessed by them.

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plural of marriage
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