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  • I did once think of marrying you.
  • Does she dream of marrying the man?
  • I should as soon have dreamt of marrying my father.
  • He is marrying one of the dearest of girls next month.
  • The idea of an Alamar marrying a squatter!
  • It's James's fault for not marrying at the proper age.
  • I'm not marrying your family!
  • They subtly intimated that the doctor was marrying her for her money.
  • There are more things in life than mere marrying and being happy.
  • I wouldn't think of marrying you as you are.
  • The trouble about getting married is marrying the right man.
  • I made a mistake in marrying you; you allowed me to make it.
  • I am not a marrying man myself; circumstances render it impossible.
  • To marry a woman for an old book was almost as bad as marrying for money!
  • In those days there was no marrying in the church, no priest, no banns.
  • You don't blame me for marrying Major, do you?
  • I am sure I asked him plainly if he ever could think of marrying you.
  • In marrying Mr. Humphreys she should marry a friend, the only friend she had.
  • But I couldn't think of marrying any one who did not know his French verbs.
  • I intend marrying Mr. Bennet," a feeling of stupefaction overcame him.

How To Use Marrying In A Sentence?

  • There you will have a hundred opportunities of marrying with distinction and with honour.
  • They have an extreme dislike to marrying into what they consider unhealthy families.
  • Fond parents have been known to forbid their daughters marrying soldiers on this very account.
  • To a certain extent it was understood that he was marrying for position, and she for wealth.
  • Dayman was devoted to her, and insisted on marrying her, and bringing up her daughter as his own.
  • You must remember that he was not to blame, because he objected to his son marrying my daughter.
  • If she could not do it by marrying a Dutchman, she would do it by slandering her brother.
  • I know you care enough to justify you in marrying me, but I mean something different.
  • Please to understand that I will never, under any circumstances, dream of marrying Mr. Bragg.
  • The only way he could obtain the Abelard Missal, was by marrying Miss Blaythwaite.
  • He knew that she had plenty of admirers, but he hoped that she had not thought of marrying one of them.
  • Marriages would be very much happier if women preferred marrying men who love them to those whom they love.
  • An unlawful liaison with any woman prevents a man from marrying any of her relations who would be forbidden to him if she were his wife.
  • With that only as an outfit, it would be madness for me to think of marrying one of those lovely girls.
  • Well, you can't have the proud satisfaction of marrying him without a penny belonging to you.
  • I never would consent to her marrying any one without first revealing to him her connection with the negro race.
  • That he should imagine that Wickersham had any serious idea of marrying the granddaughter of a backwoods magistrate!
  • Your parents, as you have told me, are bitterly opposed to your marrying an American girl, thinking they are all beneath you.
  • In marrying him she would satisfy her mother, and was it not her duty to sacrifice something to her mother's happiness, perhaps her mother's life?
  • It was dreadful, it was really monstrous to think of her Conny marrying that old man, who was several years the senior of her own father!

Definition of Marrying

present participle of marry | A marriage.
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