Marseillaise In A Sentence

Definition of Marseillaise

feminine singular of marseillais

How To Use Marseillaise In A Sentence?

  • Like the Marseillaise hymn, it was merely to be repeated on entering the battle.
  • He would have followed blindly anybody who played the Marseillaise as Geisner did.
  • The Marseillaise was leaning heavily on a fauteuil, supported by a hand behind her.
  • To say that we have heard the Marseillaise these last days but faintly expresses how we have been pursued by the well-known air.
  • Kandinsky, for instance, fails to achieve what the Marseillaise achieves in music, namely: the dramatic presentation of an exhortation to action.
  • The Jew, who probably knew more than he cared to admit, grew more and more beady-eyed each time The Marseillaise was played.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Marseillaise | Marseillaise Sentence

  • When he played the Marseillaise just now, I thought of it.
  • The law forbade, they said, the production of the Marseillaise in society.

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