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  • Ten days ago, my father came up from Marshmallows to pay us a visit.

How To Use Marshmallows In A Sentence?

  • Toasting marshmallows over the fire and singing school ditties and old favorites will end this unique party delightfully.
  • In another moment a dozen marshmallows were frizzling over the gas-jets, while the student lamp did duty for several more.
  • Melt one-fourth pound (or twenty) marshmallows by steaming them after putting three tablespoonfuls boiling water over them.
  • One heaping tablespoonful butter, one teaspoonful flavoring; cut up cup marshmallows in little squares.
  • The main channel, however, continues nearly south until it is lost on an extensive earthy plain covered with marshmallows and chrysanthemums.
  • The banks are well lined with box timber, as well as with marshmallows and wild spinach: the land on either side consists of well-grassed sandy rises.

Definition of Marshmallows

plural of marshmallow
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