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How To Use Martian In A Sentence?

  • With a light cane that he carried he struck the Martian sharply on his frail back.
  • The Martian lay upon his back on a leather couch in a small room where they had taken him.
  • It was a sunset ballet that never failed to thrill even the oldest Martian citizen.
  • There is a marking near the Martian equator shaped like the funnel of a gigantic tornado.
  • Jumping into the truck, he gunned the jets and roared off into the dark Martian night.
  • Dirty gutter water flowed over Tom in the dark Martian alley as the boy lay deathly still.
  • Six Martian years were required to build it, so I fear the warning will never reach your people.
  • The sign said "Closed," but he rang the bell until a little, dried-up Martian appeared.
  • Long-dead Martian embalmers had done a good job even on what to them was the corpse of an other-world monster.
  • From ancient Martian records came the grim song of a creature whose very existence was long forgotten.
  • The Martian sky was like frozen ink above him and his hands were wet inside his gloves and there was a choking dryness in his throat.
  • Plans were formulated to build colonies in space, beginning with orbital stations and finally lunar and Martian colonies.
  • Told him that a Martian and a Terrestrial wish to treat with him concerning the proposed invasion of their planets.
  • Then it began to whir again in the locust speech of the Martian commentator, explaining rapidly, unintelligibly.
  • But it is much better explained, to my mind, by the greater clearness of the Martian air in the summer-time.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Martian | Martian Sentence

  • The Martian pointed to the window.
  • The Martian remained quiet.
  • I like his Martian books.
  • The Martian had been expecting this question.
  • The Martian quivered with excitement.
  • The Martian nodded and smiled at them happily.
  • The Martian glowered and made as if to retort hotly.
  • The Martian watched the man writing on the high desk.
  • The Martian sat perfectly still for a long time.
  • The Martian lay, face down, on the leather couch.
  • The year of Mars consists of 668 Martian days.
  • But it's adjusted for Martian gravity.
  • Synthetic foods there were for at least a hundred Martian days.
  • Detis collided with the huge Martian in his eagerness to be out of the room.
  • Let the armed-police system find the Martian through their own channels.
  • The Martian did not take his eyes from the little point of light.
  • The Martian did not move or utter a sound until he heard the door slam.
  • The Martian world weighs nine times and a half less than our own.
  • These were the best-preserved specimens yet found of Martian record films.
  • The Martian was surprised that Blumberg would allow him to speak.
  • After the girl had seated herself, Stark and the Martian sat down.
  • The girl and the Martian nodded, and the girl passed Stark a medical report.
  • Blumberg Promises The Martian began to speak slowly, carefully.
  • But Carr and His Martian Friend Found It Was Too Late!
  • We were in the Renting Office watching TV on the Martian Colonial channel.

Definition of Martian

(nonstandard) Alternative letter-case form of Martian (“of or pertaining to the planet Mars”)
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