Martin In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Martin | Martin Sentence

  • Martin and myself in the trench.
  • Martin seized the can.
  • Martin asked himself.
  • Martin commiserated with the other.
  • Martin glanced at it.
  • Martin stared at the other.
  • Martin is very curious.
  • Martin has sent me to you.
  • Martin had not been idle.
  • Martin did not linger now.
  • Martin did not like this.
  • Martin did not reply.
  • Martin was disappointed.
  • Martin was interested.
  • Martin laughed hollowly.
  • Martin shook violently.
  • Martin read desperately.
  • Martin demanded nervously.
  • Martin seemed pensive.
  • Martin asked thoughtfully.
  • Martin looked impatient.
  • Martin made no reply.
  • Martin went on imperturably.
  • Martin spoke about it first.
  • Martin repeated automatically.
  • Martin need any mention.
  • Martin would starve me.
  • Martin turned to his window again.
  • Martin did get anxious.
  • Martin asked suspiciously.
  • Martin inquired shakily.
  • Martin writhed in spirit.
  • Martin closed his eyes.
  • Martin remained in his station.
  • Martin himself was waiting outside.

How To Use Martin In A Sentence?

  • Martin waited patiently.
  • Martin shrugs his shoulders.
  • Martin got a job at once.
  • Martin colored with confusion.
  • Martin complied correctly.
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