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  • She marvelled to extravagance.
  • He marvelled at her intensity.
  • Denby marvelled at his iron control.
  • And where the moon is marvelled at for hours!
  • They all of them marvelled to see so goodly figs.
  • Then marvelled he why they would not suffer him to enter.
  • We marvelled how the King could be so blind.
  • And when he heard of these adventures they marvelled of his noble deeds.
  • I marvelled at, scrutinised intimately the wonder of myself.
  • Hughie marvelled at his madcap speed and the strength of his sinewy arms.
  • I marvelled at its aptness, and also that it should have come to me so pat.
  • Hearing his answer and not seeing the elephant, they all marvelled greatly.
  • Then marvelled at the sullen, sly change upon the dirty face.
  • I marvelled at God's ways with wicked men.
  • I marvelled at the villainy of my tone as I spoke, but it was only assumed.

How To Use Marvelled In A Sentence?

  • Ellen marvelled at his coolness when she remembered his last words only a few days before.
  • Gray marvelled within himself how it was possible to follow any track in such a place as this.
  • Eleanor marvelled much to see that there were some quite old people among the company.
  • He marvelled at the height of her rebound from the wan helplessness of her mood upon the stairs.
  • The king marvelled why she did so, and remembered him how her son was suddenly slain with poison.
  • And when they heard of his adventures, they marvelled that he would jeopard his person so, alone.
  • Their touch made him pensive, and again he marvelled why he, the accident, was here.
  • He marvelled at the matter-of-fact way Silwood went about these and other affairs.
  • Seeing them, Gilbert marvelled at the strange intricacies of the human soul, but held his peace.
  • When Sir Sagramore saw his fellow have such a fall he marvelled what knight he might be.
  • I have often marvelled since that they never referred to it, but I know why I did not.
  • When Sir Tristram beheld them, and saw them do such deeds of arms, he marvelled what they were.
  • And then Sir Tristram marvelled what knight he was that bare the shield of Cornwall.
  • So it is not to be marvelled at that he took the earliest opportunity of returning to the land which he afterwards adopted.
  • They marvelled at the immense trees as they passed through groups of great elms and giant cottonwoods.
  • The latter marvelled that his own heart did not spring from its prison in his breast, so fierce were its beatings.
  • Gingerly he tested the nearest divan and marvelled at the curious softness of what appeared to be a gigantic tiger skin.
  • Children learned to watch for her, and those standing round marvelled at the tenderness and skill of her way of handling them.
  • Once it would have meant much to her; she marvelled now at the little shade of jealousy with which her colleagues assured her of it.
  • She marvelled that he should say so much, but hid her pleasure lest she should unwittingly change his mood.
  • Michael marvelled to see that the girl was revelling in her possession, of the little helpless burden who had been the cause of her sorrow.
  • The knight marvelled at the request, and asked her playfully for what reason she desired such a keepsake as a linen shift.
  • Despite the accustomed nerve of a sailor for height and precarious clinging, he marvelled that he was able to do it in the broad light of day.
  • During the spellbound fragment of time a girl, looking out from under a cupped hand, noted a man and marvelled at him.
  • After much delay it was brought to him; and when they saw it and felt its weight, they marvelled that any man could wield it.

Definition of Marvelled

simple past tense and past participle of marvel
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