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  • Most marvellous and best of all Tobiases, we salute you in the name of the arts and poets!
  • Thackeray and Balzac, two observers of mankind of marvellous ability, said the same.
  • Her results are not the less marvellous because we are beginning to dimly trace the process by which they arise.
  • They have reinforced their own productivity, by the creation of that marvellous machinery which differences this age from any other age.
  • Nature had given the villa its marvellous site and genius availed itself of all the resources of art and wealth to effect the wonder.
  • Stories occupy the place of books, and tales of the marvellous furnish a substitute for the evening papers.
  • Politics, literature, philosophy he discussed with a metaphysical subtilty marvellous in one so young.
  • Knowledge will enable us to transmute base materials into works of marvellous beauty, worth their weight in gold.
  • Its nearest representatives of to-day are, if not so large, equally marvellous in their general appearance.
  • Indeed, my only means of tracing her was through the intermediary of this one man, who had seen her and remarked upon her marvellous beauty.
  • And, for a lame man, he manages to make marvellous time through the hallway and up that little flight of stairs.
  • It certainly has been so in the Bristol district, for there has been a marvellous development in the last seven years.
  • And there was that marvellous cabinet on the landing, black lacquer with silver herons, which alone would repay a couple of burglars.
  • The market-gardeners, we say, are forced to become machines and to renounce all joys of life in order to obtain their marvellous crops.
  • In the presence of all this marvellous work, how quaintly reads the history of the Lancashire chemistry of 500 years ago.
  • My grandfather related the marvellous scene he had witnessed, and the prostrate clothes-press, and the broken handles, bore testimony to the fact.
  • With a memory almost marvellous to retain those things which appealed to my imagination, I blundered painfully over the commonest tasks.
  • But for this marvellous occurrence, the young Russian would have been tried for murder, and perhaps found guilty.
  • But she pulled herself together almost at once and began to talk of the restaurant which, I learned, was marching in a simply marvellous manner.
  • There is nothing more disconcerting to a speaker than to observe the listener impatiently waiting to plunge headlong into the conversation with some marvellous tale.
  • The name of Captain Kidd was like a talisman in those times, and was associated with a thousand marvellous stories.
  • I heard him introduce the motion in the House of Commons, and his speech was a truly marvellous feat of oratory.
  • With marvellous skill he frequently introduces dewdrops of incomparable transparency that trickle down the leaves or sprinkle the fresh delicate petals.
  • And with some notion of being complimentary goes on to say that only the eyes of the discoverer of so many wonders of art could have discovered something so marvellous in life.
  • In the one are found that marvellous blush and downy bloom for which he was so famous, while the other reveals his delicate treatment of petals and his graceful arrangement.
  • How you can even talk of these things when every man of your age and strength is fighting one way or another for his country, seems marvellous to me.
  • That something greater than ourselves, which does not so much exist as seek existence, palpitating between being and not-being, how marvellous it is!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Marvellous | Marvellous Sentence

  • You have your marvellous leadership to offer.
  • The marvellous only filters out slowly.
  • Horror darkened her marvellous radiance.
  • Then did an event marvellous and unwonted appear.
  • And behold an event marvellous and much unwonted!
  • I had seen her; and she gave marvellous proof of it now.
  • Truly she is a marvellous Maid.
  • He knows this marvellous transformation is not effected by himself.
  • Wal, them fancy-vests and the lady was the Marvellous Murrays.
  • What's more, she was only that Marvellous Murray woman in diff'rent clothes!
  • With very simple details, Willem van de Velde produces marvellous effects.
  • A marvellous thing--that over there.
  • Prince Napoleon's palace betoken the marvellous trade going on within.

Definition of Marvellous

(British spelling) Exciting wonder or surprise; astonishing; wonderful.
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