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  • They are marvelously suited.
  • Rosecrans is marvelously popular with the men.
  • A marvelously persistent and protracted boat.
  • These amazing statements were marvelously successful.
  • And most marvelously heavy, too!
  • The whole outline of the country was marvelously distinct.
  • This is so marvelously told that it almost seems probable.
  • She had grown upon him marvelously in that single half-day.
  • He is a marvelously fertile, skillful, poetic playwright.
  • How marvelously McLean had worked the miracle.
  • He saw a marvelously beautiful woman in a marvelously abusive rage.
  • He is a bewitching animal, marvelously beautiful with every color.
  • I think these spiders are mainly guided by a marvelously acute tactile sense.
  • His face was marvelously beautiful, but the eyes caught and held the gaze.
  • For she was a marvelously beautiful woman, tall, and modeled like a statue.
  • How charmed I am with your completed story of this marvelously gifted boy!
  • And, indeed, it seemed to him that Pauline was marvelously little altered.
  • That was either Barney Mulloy, or some one who looks marvelously like him.
  • It was loud and persistent, and sounded marvelously like "Ma-a!

How To Use Marvelously In A Sentence?

  • A laughing lack of conceit in both women marvelously simplified their relation.
  • It is all very fantastic, but also very beautiful and marvelously pregnant in its symbolism.
  • And they at once proceeded to the nearby church-sheds as a place marvelously adapted to the sport.
  • He is the star of my nativity, And often marvelously hath his aspect Shot strength into my heart.
  • You will find that Tyrannio" (a Greek man of letters) "has arranged my books marvelously well.
  • The young soldier was marvelously impressed by the peaceful expression of most of the upturned faces which he saw.
  • We do not yet realize what he did to the mistresses, how he utterly changed their character and how he marvelously increased their number.
  • It is a marvelously entertaining novel, possessing a keenness of wit and humor unsurpassed by any recent work.
  • It has fallen from its proud estate of former years into poverty and neglect, but it is still marvelously beautiful to the eye.
  • Night had settled over the scene, but the moon and stars were so marvelously bright as to render objects almost as plain as by day.
  • He had never tired of recounting how marvelously they had behaved, what heroes they were, and that it was they who would pull the country together.
  • When these are separated from the later parallels they give a marvelously complete and consistent portrait of Abraham.
  • Well, there had been neither disorder nor disturbance nor a mob, for everything had taken place in a manner that was marvelously simple and calm.
  • The climate is pronounced to be even more salubrious than that of Cuba, while the soil is marvelously fertile.
  • This is really minor, but marvelously funny, and anyone who plows through all the crud we mention will get a real break from this.
  • For one of them would act so marvelously that she would be able to cast laurels at your feet, while the other would sing you back to fortune.
  • Every one of the youngsters admired and tried to imitate Victoria's marvelously perfect wink.
  • The dining-room, on the ground floor, was painted in fresco, with garlands of flowers, admirably and marvelously executed.
  • It was my first introduction to a Negro world, and I was at once marvelously inspired and deeply depressed.
  • The master pianists, Rubinstein and Liszt, were both marvelously broad in the scope of their knowledge.
  • It is not an exaggeration to say that there was not a woman in the ballroom to compare with her, and some of them were marvelously gowned and complexioned, too.

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