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How To Use Masonry In A Sentence?

  • Their masonry has resisted the destructive forces of the elements for centuries.
  • The ornamentation is no less remarkable than the masonry and architectural finish.
  • The upright logs which were built into the masonry are incorporated in the older walls.
  • The palace was a noble pile of masonry as it glittered in the perpendicular sunlight.
  • He was the first engineer who built a sea-tower of masonry and dovetailed the joints.
  • More masonry has been laid along the border during the war than in any five previous years.
  • These pit houses passed out of existence as soon as the masonry wall was perfected.
  • After having set the joists in their places, the masonry must be raised between them 6 in.
  • Portal arch with long slopes, showing masonry of exterior facing.
  • The masonry is of fair quality, but the stones were laid with more mortar than usual.
  • On arriving outside of her prison, he found a fall of masonry had blocked the doorway.
  • Finely-wrought masonry, employed for the facing of a wall of coarser masonry or brick.
  • The earliest chimneys were daubed in clay, and in the masonry oak timbers were often used.
  • It shows, besides this, some remnants of masonry indicating a number of small chambers.
  • Thrice did Harold look at the hole in the masonry and thrice did he shrink back.
  • The Indians saw their approach in the fur of the foxes, and the masonry of beavers.
  • There the central mass of masonry is surrounded with shafts of Purbeck marble almost detached.
  • The internal, and not the external, qualifications of a man are what Masonry regards.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Masonry | Masonry Sentence

  • The masonry was perfect.
  • There to the left the masonry had fallen in.
  • The masonry is fair to good.
  • Nothing but its own gigantic masonry tells of its origin.
  • The masonry foundation presents a cube of 600 meters.
  • The great light in Masonry in the Holy Bible.
  • The irregular lines in the masonry began to be more pronounced.
  • A horizontal layer of stones in the masonry of a building.
  • The masonry is very rough and chinked only with large stones.
  • The masonry is fair and the surface is finished with plaster.
  • The purpose of this masonry has been the subject of much discussion.
  • At several places little platforms of masonry have been built.
  • The farmsteads and churchyards are inclosed with ordinary masonry walls.
  • We could easily find their masonry on the stones in the harmas.
  • Others suppose that the masonry belonged to the stone screen spoken of above.
  • The bare spaces of masonry only serve to give relief to the decoration.
  • The extreme care in the masonry has imparted a machine-like finish.
  • The firmest human masonry cannot stand like the everlasting rocks.
  • The masonry of the ramparts was shaken, and the breaches were almost complete.
  • We climbed through the crumbling masonry into a central, open court.
  • Ancient Masonry at Cuzco 227 52.
  • Upon the hill of the Koubba, fragments of old masonry lie scattered about.

Definition of Masonry

The art or occupation of a mason. | The work or performance of a mason | That which is built by a mason; anything constructed of the materials used by masons, such as stone, brick, tiles, or the like. Dry masonry is applied to structures made without mortar.
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