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  • Medical men and women walked about and offered aid to those injured in the deranged mass orgy.
  • A huge mass of private thinking during the interval had been added to our effect upon one another.
  • It seemed a mass of contradiction, by some extraneous power compressed into an indefinable whole.
  • Outside the compound, held back by the army, was the mass of the common people.
  • And here is the issue between Spiritualism and the mass of mankind who deride and condemn it.
  • The sound was like the drone of a million panicked mosquitos, swarming in a mass confusion.
  • On the bank above it grew a tangled mass of shrubs, and one or two fine holly bushes.
  • For two miles, he ran without interruption, and then saw a dark mass in front of him.
  • The general form, or mass form, of all constructed works must be carefully considered.
  • The case with regard to the Mass stands thus: I finished one long ago, and another is in progress.
  • The solar catastrophe had occurred and the reasons for their mass discontent were subsequently forgotten.
  • From out the struggling mass came the groans of the dying and the shrieks of the wounded and terror-stricken.
  • After the general form has been considered, the mass may be broken into primary and secondary parts.
  • A mass of clay of suitable size is placed on a horizontal disc of wood, to which a rotary motion is imparted.
  • Interwoven now with the native wealthy are the families of the great international usurers, and a vast miscellaneous mass of financial enterprise.
  • As the roof crashed in the whole hut was one bright mass of flame, and a sheet of fire shot upwards into the night.
  • These men have raised themselves up from the general mass of untrained, uncultured, poorish people in a hard industrious selfish struggle.
  • From a mass of confused impressions Stephen could gather nothing clearly except his inability to form a definite opinion of the man.
  • The Mass over, the procession filed back through the gate, both armies kneeling motionless till it had disappeared.
  • It so happens that two others besides yourself wish to have a mass of mine, and I am quite disposed to write at least three.
  • Let me have a simple mass of clay as a candle-holder rather than the earthen candlestick which only presents such a form as is the natural outgoing of a degraded mind.
  • Day by day in the camp Mass was celebrated, and the Holy Sacrament given to all who asked and came.
  • Early next morning, after performing their usual devotions and hearing the mass of the Holy Ghost, the chapter re-assembled.
  • Various theories have been proposed to explain why, for example, the resistance of a mass of carbon granules varies with the vibrations or compressions to which they are subjected.
  • Mark also the singularly delicate curve of the capital of the column, which appears as a slightly plastic cushion intervening between the shaft and the superincumbent mass which it has to support.
  • As a result, the front electrode approaches and recedes from the rear electrode, thus compressing and decompressing the mass of granular carbon between them.
  • The whole load was just a mass of tomato jam; the juice was running out of the box in a stream, and the horses were red with it from hoof to forelock.
  • Not only is the mass of women better fitted than ever before for worthy occupation, there has never been a time nor a country in which their traditionary sphere has shrunk to so small dimensions.
  • In the preliminary scenes of the war, he fairly represented the feeling of the mass of his countrymen, as it was excited by the successive acts of parliamentary aggression.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mass | Mass Sentence

  • I faced this mass of problems.
  • Every rain made their beds a pool or mass of mire.
  • The Mass that was being sung was his masterpiece.
  • This Mass seemed well adapted to my purpose.
  • The celebrant of the Mass was Mgr.
  • A covey in this position represents little more than a mass of feathers.
  • He dived at once, and almost immediately saw a confused mass before him.
  • A hiss of steam focussed in a whirling, swaying mass at one point.
  • A mass of iron gray hair gave a grizzly finish to his hard-favored visage.
  • If the Mass is ever published, I will send you a copy free of all charge.
  • The Eastern Hemisphere has a great mass of land called the Eastern Continent.

Definition of Mass

Involving a mass of things; concerning a large quantity or number. | Involving a mass of people; of, for, or by the masses. | (intransitive, obsolete) To celebrate mass.
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