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  • I am no longer master of myself.
  • The presents from my master wait your pleasure.
  • The dog had remained with his master until his death.
  • Do you see your master at the awful table?
  • The master of the feast sat at the head of the board.
  • Madam, if so, my master gains a loss.
  • My master and I did not see him!
  • Sir, I was no longer master of myself or my throne.
  • At present the Magyar is his own master in Transylvania.
  • I know better, Master Auchester.
  • He was the servant of his own ideas and not the master of them.
  • And master Syrus' back shall smart for it.
  • But I went to my master as he had requested, and he let me into his shell.
  • Now, Carlomein, what am I to say to this master of yours about you?
  • So are yours very pretty hands, Master Auchester, and they are very white too.
  • My master then, so far as I can find, May whistle for a wife.
  • Next came Master John Szasy's turn.
  • My master is arriv'd. ANT.
  • But look, Master Auchester, there is Mr. Davy beckoning to you.
  • Think you, won't any master discharge a man sarvant that shames him?
  • Being the Journals of Captain Woodes Rogers, Master Mariner.

How To Use Master In A Sentence?

  • I looked up to my master as to a benevolent genius that had opened to me a region of enchantment.
  • Whoever was creating those gentle yet clear and expressive notes was a master of the cornet.
  • When such a master as yourself takes an interest in us, our pinions ought never to droop.
  • In his consternation Master Pok looked up at the ceiling as if he expected it to fall on his head.
  • Laura is going to Paris, Master Auchester, to study under a certain master there.
  • All he knew for certain was that henceforth he was master of his own life, and could dispense it as he pleased.
  • Time and time again he had given warning of the approach of guerrillas, only to have his master meet them as friends.
  • Perhaps it is to give himself courage that he keeps a dog who is as forward as his master is retiring, and who is my terror.
  • The enthusiasm of his youth has passed away, the authority of the master no longer retains a hold upon him.
  • None of us has inherited the genius of a Bethlen or of a Bocskai; neither I, nor Master Teleki.
  • All these passages, notwithstanding the decline of the style, retain the impress of the great master of language.
  • I requested to see the master of the house, but was told he was at dinner with some "gemmen" of the neighborhood.
  • They ain't even good poachers, although my master always bid us beware of them.
  • The fact that the average Indian is not a master hand with a gun except at short range was my salvation.
  • The first he turned to was Master Martin Kuncz, the Bishop of the Klausenburg Unitarians.
  • In the present instance the horse, too, recovered, and was able to carry his master on many a future errand of mercy.
  • I am still the master of many mansions, and can pay off this beggarly Szekler crew out of one pocket.
  • But the Elector declared, he appeared in that Habit, as Grand Master of a Military Order.
  • The only man who had ever been known to catch the pony when he was free was his own syce, whom his master had left at Chaksam.

Definition of Master

Masterful. | Main, principal or predominant. | Highly skilled.
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