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  • They are masterpieces of polemical skill.
  • The masterpieces of devotional literature.
  • What an array of masterpieces might be brought to witness!
  • Hasse composed masterpieces inspired by the yearning of his heart.
  • But he has added other masterpieces to the ones already mentioned.
  • His microscopic masterpieces form but a brief bundle of pastels.
  • And that is well, for the world wants few masterpieces in that sort.
  • The Barberini palace contains three or four masterpieces of painting.
  • But try to find the past masterpieces of Science Fiction.
  • It was one of the masterpieces of scenery evolved by Pop Snooks.

How To Use Masterpieces In A Sentence?

  • Good casts of these and other masterpieces in statuary may be had at a trifling cost.
  • But here and there single speeches stood out as masterpieces of convincing oratory.
  • To bathe in the glow of the mighty masterpieces of genius neutralizes much that is evil.
  • It was hard to even think masterpieces among such distractions, to say nothing of writing them.
  • It is well known that during the composition of some of his masterpieces he and his family suffered for bread.
  • Was the author of so many great masterpieces of analysis about to live a new book before writing it?
  • The city owes its attraction to travellers almost solely to the fact that here are so many masterpieces of painting.
  • Time and the volcano have done us the good service of preserving to our day copies of some masterpieces of ancient painting.
  • More numerous and better sheltered than the masterpieces of fine art, they survived when the latter perished.
  • And more than once he stood still for several minutes in rapt contemplation of one of the great masterpieces with which the walls were hung.
  • High living kills the genius of inspiration, and masterpieces are more often produced in the garret than where luxury rules.
  • The entire gamut of human feeling can be highly cultivated by thus reading aloud from the great masterpieces of literature.
  • Romney stands or falls by his portraits and portrait groups, by the score or so of masterpieces that he painted better than he knew.
  • His son cut out the windows of his masterpieces for amusement, and his servant and his wife used his canvases for stove cleaners.
  • Nor can I well be charged with having neglected the masterpieces of the lyric drama by whomsoever composed.
  • It was not well received at first, though the verdict of time places it high among the musical masterpieces of the century.
  • The trivial details of Rubens' masterpieces were filled in by assistants, were they not?
  • He was an artist who was, in the main, content to achieve his masterpieces and leave comment and blame and praise to his public and his critics.
  • He did more: he took the very artists and craftsmen who had produced many of the Italian masterpieces of the time.
  • You know better than any others what memories mean, what masterpieces mean to a nation, for your country is covered with memories and masterpieces.
  • It is amongst the works of these thirteenth-century painters that we must look for the discovered masterpieces of Persian art.
  • The latter has made many of his shorter stories dealing with his native Galicia little masterpieces of local color.
  • Yes, there is much to consider; but then, as all the world knows, masterpieces of crime or what not, are difficult of accomplishment.
  • He made a sacred enclosure of the Acropolis and placed there the masterpieces of Greece and other countries.
  • He had a minute acquaintance with the political history of modern England, and his memory was stored with the masterpieces of political eloquence.
  • Were not the masterpieces of Attic comedy written in a beleagured State in the throes of a disastrous war?
  • When an absurdity can amuse Paris, which devours as many masterpieces as absurdities, the provinces can hardly be deprived of them.
  • He was now collecting masterpieces of the Spanish school of painting, which were destined to adorn the saloons of the Tuileries.
  • To decide whose hand produced these masterpieces of Lombard suavity and grace, or whether more than one, would not be easy.
  • Gladstone has characterized it as the greatest forensic effort in the English language, not excluding the masterpieces of Erskine.

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plural of masterpiece
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