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  • The power and mastery of words.
  • He had complete mastery of all his faculties.
  • In reverent mastery you raised her face to yours.
  • He had failed in mastery this last year or so.
  • It gave Great Britain effective mastery of the outer seas.
  • He regained the mastery of his thoughts and the understanding of his position.
  • This must happen before the great try-out for the mastery of the seas.
  • He first showed complete mastery of verse in the field of satire.
  • There was mastery in his voice, and she felt that she could not resist.
  • And are we to expect that any one will get the mastery of Jove? PR.

How To Use Mastery In A Sentence?

  • Action alone proves whether the object of my interest has complete mastery over me.
  • Still more is the mastery of this word apparent when we consider the future destiny of the world.
  • What wonder he felt no mastery of himself, though all that day he had kept from wine?
  • His work showed less of the mastery of life, however, than of the mastery of a theme.
  • The word its life resigneth in the pen, Leather and wax usurp the mastery then.
  • Perhaps it was his mastery of the situation that gave him unconsciously a rock-like air of nonchalance.
  • Nowhere in all his work is the mastery of the cowboy more apparent than when he changes horses on the open plain.
  • But there is no reason for supposing that the poet did not have a complete mastery of what the best teachers of his day had to offer.
  • I see there the power and the strength of a broader mastery than that which bends the ears of a theatre audience.
  • There is a point when dreaming gets the mastery and appears infinitely more real than the things we touch.
  • It must proceed with a mastery of not only words, but of the sound symbols of which words are composed.
  • Again she felt the kind of mastery which his presence always exercised over her; but she determined not to yield to it.
  • Certain fragments of her very earliest work show that from the first she had not only the means, but very considerable mastery of expression.
  • In addition to his enormous learning and profound information, he possessed an almost miraculous mastery of the fiddle.
  • Though his face was white and his right hand clutched his crutch-stick, he still kept the mastery of himself.
  • It is by slow degrees that woman forges forward and takes her place alongside man in the mastery of the fine arts.
  • Charlotte had not always the mastery and self-mastery that, having worked a situation up to its dramatic climax, leaves it there.
  • He had a quite astounding memory for facts and a mastery of detailed analysis, and the time afforded scope for these gifts.
  • When he was with men, he was cold and cynical as ever, neither did he seem to be fighting the habit which had gained such mastery over him.
  • Thus only can we hope to counteract their mischievous tendency, and to prevent still stronger delusions from obtaining a mastery over weak minds.
  • For three days did it rage, man and beast struggling through the long hours for the mastery which neither seemed able to obtain.
  • The first volume has been published; it exhibits thorough mastery of the materials, and great calmness and judgment in their use.
  • From the earliest times, and in the most primitive forms of animal life, physical efforts to obtain the mastery have been incessant.
  • Not again while the present order continues will it be possible for the dreaded epidemic to get the mastery of a great German city.
  • Fortunately the bishop first mastered his own doubts, and, thus strengthened, obtained the same mastery over the possessed woman.
  • There might be discord, as each order would want its own wealth and influence, and seek to gain the mastery for its own rules and discipline.
  • The play is enlivened with many humorous passages, wherein the author shows his mastery of this element, so necessary to the complete dramatist.
  • But a second sufficed to give her the mastery of her tongue and memory, which women seldom lose completely, even at the most desperate moments.
  • Never before and never afterward was there a crisis such as that which broke in the dreadful struggle for the mastery of Cemetery Ridge.
  • He afterwards became a pupil of the Warsaw Conservatory, and acquired there a splendid mastery over the science of music.

Definition of Mastery

The position or authority of a master; dominion; command; supremacy; superiority. | Superiority in war or competition; victory; triumph; preeminence. | (obsolete) Contest for superiority.
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