Matches in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Matches

1. There are boxes of matches too. 🔊

2. He laid a few matches on the table. 🔊

3. We struck matches and explored. 🔊

4. The boxing matches accomplished several results. 🔊

5. The stuff of the bag matches the stuff of your dress. 🔊

6. Men carried matches in them sometimes, or money. 🔊

7. That transaction of the matches was a crime, you know. 🔊

8. You refuse one of the finest matches in England! 🔊

9. Now, I pry my eyes open with matches to stay awake. 🔊

10. In sulphur matches the paraffin is replaced by sulphur. 🔊

11. More of these matches are made than people generally imagine. 🔊

12. Cigarettes and matches are at a premium and food is running out on board. 🔊

13. We noticed how matches struck on the other ships showed up last night. 🔊

14. Jackson drew half a dozen candles and a quantity of matches from his pocket. 🔊

15. It is estimated that on an average each person uses seven matches every day. 🔊

16. Thus, he brings matches when he sees that some one wants to light a candle. 🔊

17. The matches were to take place at Newmarket on the first two days. 🔊

How to use Matches in Sentences?

1. Freshman pitted himself again sophomore, and a score of wrestling matches were in progress. 🔊

2. Making matches is a big business, even if one hundred of them are sold for a cent. 🔊

3. Your head, it is asserted by the jealous, is a vacancy that matches the empty spaces of the night. 🔊

4. He found the matches and, sitting upright, lit one and applied it to the pipe bowl. 🔊

5. Though your matches flare in the midnight air, And your brazen trumpets sound! 🔊