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How To Use Material For In A Sentence?

  • The material for the course has been drawn from many sources.
  • What is the best material for the development of a mental technic?
  • What episode in her life gave her material for parts of this story?
  • You promised that you would furnish me with material for my next book.
  • There's fine material for a company of militia!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Material For | Material For Sentence

  • Here is the very material for a saint.
  • That is only the material for thought.
  • I had plenty of material for reflection.
  • Here is the material for the company promoter.
  • This was excellent material for the conspirators.
  • Here is all the material for a great tragedy.
  • This is no material for fine stories.
  • Here is difficult material for the statesman.
  • It is only the material for training that worries me.
  • You have the correct material for a perfect loaf.
  • They are always on the lookout for material for pictures.
  • Fresco is certainly the one material for monuments.
  • What is the best possible material for an undergarment?
  • There was no material for letter-making about the camp.
  • Material for the use of such desperation never lacks.
  • He hoped that they would not furnish material for more.
  • Linen is perhaps the best material for summer wear.
  • The fool has supplied material for countless proverbs.
  • How full this old palace is of material for thought!
  • Four pieces of raw material for chipped implements.
  • The sail would afford material for a flag.
  • Paste the only material for laying down slips, 189.
  • Gum an unsatisfactory material for laying down slips, 189.
  • The best material for them is stout brown Holland.
  • Material for a library campaign, by Chalmers Hadley.
  • You will find material for a game of whist or of Pope Joan.
  • How I do wish I had the material for a complete biography.
  • Mention a property that the material for clothing should possess.
  • In all of these important material for history is preserved.
  • We were rich in engineering skill and in material for the struggle.
  • But in so doing would he not be but offering her material for new amusement?
  • Here was material for heaps of excitement in our simple lives.
  • He was very much troubled about the proper material for a flag.
  • These aspects constitute the external material for the embodiment of the will.
  • The transference neuroses furnished the best material for this.
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