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How To Use Materialism In A Sentence?

  • This materialism coheres with the sensationalism of their doctrine of knowledge.
  • But is the prospect of success any better than in the cases of materialism and subjectivism?
  • Our coldness the day before had left no impression on the materialism of her nature.
  • Perhaps hundreds of thousands of years of hereditary materialism are against us.
  • Popular materialism is the logical outcome of this determination of belief by natural science.
  • A note of undisguised materialism sounds throughout the large majority of their erotic songs.
  • He turned his back on Socialism because of its materialism and atheistic tendency.
  • This natural human materialism is also the cause {12} of mysticism and symbolism.
  • What, then, became of the atheistical philosophy and agnostic materialism of the Buddhistic creed?
  • The revolt against scientific materialism was made much easier by the disintegration of the mechanical theory itself.
  • No life can be furnished for the strain of our modern materialism that lacks the basis of idealism furnished in the true family.
  • It reinforces the unseen hosts that fight for spirit in the age-long struggle with the powers of materialism and darkness.
  • The activity of the animal world affords no diversion, the benumbing strokes of materialism lose their effect.
  • Now the very essence of materialism is that this material world, this world of sense, is the real world.
  • He could not see with Guizot that the pursuit of psychology is as elevating as that of materialism is degrading.
  • It is a coarse materialism to conceive the mental contents like pebbles which may remain on the road from one day to another.
  • When thus engaged he is a typical nail-keg philosopher; just emerging from ignorance and materialism into the realm of reflective experience.
  • Or again, the philosophical extremes of downright materialism and idealism are each wholly true, yet but half the truth.
  • Intellectualism and materialism were the Prussian drill-sergeants who enslaved the emotional life of the citizen and of the nation.
  • Is there nothing before us, then, but the triumphs of material life, to end as mournfully as the materialism of antiquity?
  • In the rebound from the materialism of paganism, Christianity swung the thought of its adherents to the opposite extreme.
  • He hated Cyrus as a man hates his own weakness; he revolted from materialism as only a materialist in youth revolts.
  • To know that Materialism at least is not true is to know something, and something very important, about the ultimate nature of things.
  • I think, therefore, our present investigation had better begin with an enquiry whether Materialism can possibly be true.
  • The central conceptions of materialism as a philosophical theory differ from those employed in the physical sciences only in what is demanded of them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Materialism | Materialism Sentence

  • Skepticism and materialism had the floor.
  • But materialism has supernaturalism for its nemesis.
  • Therefore the fundamental dogma of materialism is false.
  • This shows how deep-rooted our materialism is.
  • They illustrate the ingrained materialism of man.
  • The hateful materialism of the whole thing is patent.
  • That is Materialism if you like.
  • Is Materialism possible?
  • With this materialism the Stoics combined pantheism.
  • By degrees his materialism imposed itself upon Anne.
  • It was a system of complete materialism rigorously carried out.
  • I can yet continue to believe that materialism is a crime against mankind.
  • I do not think that under modern Western materialism we should have anarchy.
  • This ruthless materialism crushes belief in God, in the Soul, in immortality.
  • The General Meaning of Materialism 223 Sect. 103.

Definition of Materialism

Constant concern over material possessions and wealth; a great or excessive regard for worldly concerns. | (philosophy) The philosophical belief that nothing exists beyond what is physical. | (obsolete, rare) Material substances in the aggregate; matter.
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