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  • The pink gingham was as the mating plumage of a bird.
  • Hybrid: the progeny from the mating of two species.
  • As we have seen, the example was set by the mating birds.
  • They were singing their mating song, if you know what that is.
  • But it may well be taken back after mating and offered to another female.
  • For this mating select thrifty, healthy birds and those which are active.
  • The mating birds became its guests, And sang its praises from their nests.
  • Birds mating in--in May.
  • Besides, I don't believe in mating people like cattle or slaves.

How To Use Mating In A Sentence?

  • Whatever else went to the difficult business of mating you were supposed to pick up.
  • What does this species gain by the individuals belonging to it mating so early in the season?
  • With all his knowledge of the constitution of matter, he was still young and in the mating mood.
  • Life is full of anomalies, and in the mating and pairing of men and women there are many.
  • The first indications of mating were noticed on the 5th, the parties being two pairs of bluebirds.
  • It is well, therefore, in making the mating to select breeders with good length of body.
  • Also it was drawing near to his mating season, and about Muskwa was the scent of his mother.
  • No more for them the free life of the plains, Its mating pleasures and its warring pains.
  • In her mind his own ideas found mating germs, and bore fruit of beautiful dreams, great thoughts.
  • I think this is preeminently his love-song, as I hear it oftenest about the mating season.
  • The mating season is in June, though the female rarely bears young except every second year.
  • Why mating bears indulge in this blood-curdling duet is a mystery which only the bears themselves can explain.
  • A different set or combination of marks is used for each mating so that the breeding of the different ducks can be distinguished.
  • For him the mating call had come, and his whole nature responded to it with a power which would not be denied.
  • The mating of the shoes was accomplished by boring small awl holes in their backs and tying them neatly together.
  • Sometimes, the male is so small compared to the female that the female is practically unaware of him while mating and this gives him protection.
  • It was then that I obtained my first impression of the mating of the natives of the northern forest.
  • Was it like the bird or the flower, that adorns itself only for the wooing time, and sinks into relative dinginess when the mating effort is over?
  • For that matter all grown gobblers are as wise as old bucks, except in the spring mating season, when it is a crime to hunt them.
  • At the mere suggestion of anything to drive us apart, the mating instinct set us toward one another irresistibly.
  • But we must not judge the whole tribe by what we have seen a pair or two do in the Orchard or home woods in the mating season.
  • They fight for food, or, in the mating season, they fight in order that the best and strongest may carry off the prizes.
  • They are silent animals; but old hunters say that at mating time the males call loudly, while the females have a very distinct answer.
  • I saw that ideal wedded life, and I realised something of what a perfect mating of souls could mean.
  • In the Chinese geese a somewhat larger mating can be employed, one gander being used with 4 to 6 geese.
  • With complete frankness, the poet exhibits human nature under the influence of the mating instinct, directed by harmless, age-old superstitions.
  • It is known locally by a great many names, nearly all of which have reference to the "booming" or "pumping" sound made during the mating season.
  • All these spiders and their activities including growth, moulting, mating and hatching of babies were monitored by Dr Vijayalakshmi.
  • During the mating season, the males of both this and the preceding species have the same habit of "drumming" that the Ruffed Grouse has.
  • In making the mating in breeding geese it must be kept in mind that it is of primary importance to select the breeders first of all for size, prolificacy and vitality.

Definition of Mating

Fitting into or onto a corresponding part, as a matched plug and socket. | present participle of mate | (zoology) Pairing of organisms for copulation.
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