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  • The matron was very sorry.
  • The matron has to search you.
  • The matron received him cordially.
  • The matron consulted a paper.
  • The title of matron was superior.
  • The worthy matron was right.
  • You will find the matron in her room.
  • The matron is here now, sir.
  • I have asked the matron to let you stay now.
  • There was a little tap at the door and the matron appeared.
  • The matron of the prison had besought her to use one.
  • The matron had merely shrugged her broad shoulders.
  • A gypsy matron without honour spoke to her man of blood.
  • About this time, her aunt and the good matron died.
  • Here, a pleasant-faced matron came to meet her.
  • Nora, as matron of honor, followed the flower girls.
  • The matron came to them, a sedate, motherly lady.
  • The British matron is a keenly sensitive person.
  • In her own house the Roman matron was absolute mistress.
  • The matron of the nursing home received Tarling.
  • The matron gave her rather a good character of Baubie.
  • The nine nurses were Australians, the matron English.
  • Later Mrs. Crowe became matron at Oak Hill.
  • Our excellent matron was delighted with her domestic arrangements.
  • Followed Mrs. A.-S., the British matron incarnate.
  • His face turned to the door as it opened and the matron entered.
  • With this possibility in her mind the matron renewed her kindly entreaties.
  • Tell the matron she'll find the knife on this girl.
  • But the matron had tossed the bit of blue glass through the nearest window.
  • A little attention is appreciated even by a matron of middle age.
  • A boy lay by the side of the beautiful matron with the slow-healing hand.
  • At twenty-eight people might have taken her for a matron of ten years older.
  • The matron saw it and finally, though grudgingly, accepted it.

How To Use Matron In A Sentence?

  • There is a police matron in the other room who will search the ladies of the party.
  • What he did know was that a managing matron would probably work for her own hand and not for his.
  • And maiden and matron still claim their insular exemption from the foibles of their sex.
  • His flittings from one pretty matron to another had not caused her grave anxieties.
  • The matron dispensed even-handed justice and motherly kindness impartially all round.
  • And the spinster of forty-five turned sharply on the matron of less than half her years.
  • The matron was a kind person, and treated our blind friend with much consideration.

Definition of Matron

A mature or elderly woman. | A wife or a widow, especially, one who has borne children. | A woman of staid or motherly manners.
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