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  • Covered with matted wool.
  • Cespitose: matted together.
  • Their matted hair and filthy rags were full of vermin.
  • The fences are of sticks, matted with willow and mezquite.
  • They are matted close in the swamps, plumy on the hilltops.
  • His clothes had fallen off him and he was thickly covered with matted hair.
  • Also that no evidences of a camp save the matted grass are left behind.
  • Along the ground the matted creepers caught and clung tenaciously to ankles.
  • How good it tastes as we lie at full length on the matted brown leaves!
  • Her hair, streaming down in a sodden mass, was matted with blood.
  • The little man had an enormous chest matted with dense, black hair.
  • Hazel's was dreadfully matted down and Bushie's was full of burs.
  • The blood flowed again from Dennis's wounds and matted over Waller's hair.

How To Use Matted In A Sentence?

  • He removed his hat and ran a questioning hand through the matted tangle on his curly front.
  • He was still pale, and his hair was matted down over his brow by the douche it had received.
  • The weeds were already matted over it, and the tombstone was half hid among nettles.
  • The miserable men lay on the hard floor, still in the matted clothes they had worn in battle.
  • Tomentose: covered with fine hair, so matted together that particular hairs cannot be separated.
  • The wondering savages, spear in hand, shook their matted hair and could not take it in at once.
  • The tall grass, the palms, the matted mangroves and vines made travel difficult.
  • Blood matted with dust stained his coat, making him almost as red and white as the Range stud.
  • A hand, matted with sun-bleached hair, made a grab for the book Drew had just laid down.
  • So matted was his coat with sweat and foam and mud that it seemed as if half the pores of his skin were choked.
  • She would encourage languid poets and sarcastic sex novelists with matted hair and puff satin ties.
  • Then remove all the matted fibres at the bottom, and all the earth, except that which adheres to the roots.
  • There was snow on the ground when he set out, and it was sometimes seen to be piled and matted on the thick trees and bushes.
  • Feathers packed before they are thoroughly dried out, are likely to arrive at their destination in a matted and musty or heated condition.
  • Then there was further ooze with matted roots which fouled his feet, while a sound behind him showed that the negroes were following.
  • Slowly he turned a face matted with sweat and powdered earth, haggard, as though it had been drawn up from a grave.
  • The little trees huddle together, their flat tops often matted and reaching out sidewise from under the shade of the other forest trees.
  • He had forgotten to remove his silk hat, which was grotesquely tilted on his head, showing the hair matted with perspiration.
  • From a long jagged wound, half hidden by his matted hair, blood was trickling in a dark slow stream.
  • A white road bordered with golden rod and wild asters met the scraggly grass that matted and tangled itself beneath the gnarled apple trees.
  • Who has not seen its tender leaf-wrapped buds lifting the matted leaves, and spreading their galaxy of snowy stars along the woodland path?
  • His nose and cheeks were purple, his eyes bloodshot, and a matted growth of brown hair strayed from beneath a ragged slouch hat.
  • His dress was travel-stained and dusty; the locks of his abundant chestnut hair matted and rough; his whole appearance wild and disordered.
  • The half-shut lids disclosed the vacant eyes; the hair lay clammy and matted on the wrinkled brow; there was nothing of life left but the breath.
  • The brownish red dust of the Devon lanes had darkened his delicate white skin, and matted his shiny yellow curls.
  • He saw a stream of blood trickling from the severed head, falling upon the matted head of Siva, and running into the ocean in the form of rubies.
  • And the Germans were only seventy-five feet away, across those bare poles, stumps, and matted dead brown leaves!

Definition of Matted

forming a thick tangled mess | covered with mats or matting | simple past tense and past participle of mat
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