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  • So the matter was only educational.
  • What could have been the matter with that house?
  • Better let the matter drop.
  • I played that matter card.
  • The matter is not such a trifle as you imagine.
  • The matter came to the vote.
  • What did it matter even if he never wrote it?
  • What's the matter with me?
  • Every time they talked the matter over they increased the price.
  • There is nothing the matter with his statistics except the handkerchief.
  • Byrne found it a hard matter not to fall into listening to the silence.
  • This would not matter if the piece once took the public taste.
  • He went into the hut, and sat down to think the matter over.
  • Except in the matter of grounded principle, he was as unstable as water.
  • If the real be the ideal, then is the matter of fact the true.
  • What's the matter with him? asks the man.
  • Apparently, she always put borrowed matter in quotation marks.
  • We finally gave the matter up, and fell to talking about something else.
  • It cannot matter to you whether I lie in the dark or the light.
  • As you deny everything, I will try to get to the bottom of the matter myself.
  • I could lay the matter before Ruth, in her cradle, and wait for results.
  • It doesn't matter if you are a bit dusty and worn-out-looking.
  • In the matter of slavish imitation, man is the monkey's superior all the time.

How To Use Matter In A Sentence?

  • Something happened day before yesterday which moves me to take up that matter again.
  • It was the easiest matter in the world, for he has a play now running at one of the theatres.
  • No matter to what port she steered; any part of so beautiful a world was better than my convent.
  • But what I want to say on this matter is a secret which the very walls around us may not hear.
  • How long she was ill, and of what was the matter with her, Ida had no very clear idea.
  • She looked as well as ever, and Nurse was equally generous in the matter of tea and toast.
  • He had great influence, and his opinion upon any matter was worth much more than that of any other person in the community.
  • The first is that scheme of fatalism which rests on the fundamental idea that there is nothing in the universe besides matter and local motion.
  • The king's lost crown is a vast matter to the king, but of no consequence to the child.
  • I had not noticed before that all German is pathetic, no matter what the subject is nor how it is treated.
  • He used the word old not in the endearing sense in which it is sometimes applied to intimates, but as a matter of sober fact.
  • He might just as well have demanded, why he did not create matter without dimensions, and circles without the properties of a circle.
  • As a matter of fact, most of his crew were on shore, and the rest slept, stowed away in dark corners.
  • I now reach the incident which sent me back a matter of sixty years, as I have remarked a while ago.
  • It is objected to him that God has formed them; and he can only reply, that the imperfection of matter does not permit him to do better.
  • The Court seems to have gone into the matter in a searching and careful fashion, for several months elapsed before it reached a decision.
  • I have, to this day, the same dull head in the matter of conundrums and perplexities which Susy had discovered in those long-gone days.

Definition of Matter

(intransitive) To be important. | (transitive, obsolete outside dialects) To care about, to mind; to find important. | To form pus or matter, as an abscess; to maturate.
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