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  • La mauve ou la pervenche?
  • The handle was trimmed with mauve ribbon.
  • She wore a mauve dress trimmed with lace.
  • He was still turning the mauve hat in his hands.
  • A long procession of mauve shadows was approaching.
  • Hanna Crane and the mauve decade.
  • Miss Grantley had on her best mauve silk.
  • Anton Mauve was born in 1848 and died in 1888.
  • Anton Mauve is represented by Cows in a Shady Nook.
  • The mauve of her dress and hat emphasized the gold of hair and skin.
  • In the sky, splinters of mauve tore at curtains of purplish flame.
  • Madge, robed in the mauve gown, refused to have her hair touched.
  • This type can wear almost any color, except mauve and mysterious, pale colors.
  • When I was a little child I played beside you, picking mauve flowers.
  • Anton Mauve (1838-89) was a native of Zaandam, and the son of a clergyman.

How To Use Mauve In A Sentence?

  • Her dinner gown was of the same shade of mauve that she had worn in the afternoon.
  • It was a melodious summer night; mauve haze screened all but the exquisite large stars.
  • It was of mauve poplin, made very full, for those were the days of hoop-skirts.
  • Against that background, rose-pink nude girls were cavorting with pale mauve satyrs.
  • Lady Harrowfield had been losing heavily, and a deep mauve shade glowed through all her paint.
  • Miss Jekyll deems mauve and lilac the same; to me lilac is much pinker, much more delicate.
  • The disagreeable-looking woman in the badly made mauve silk was his sister, Lady Hildon.
  • The same critic tells us that Mauve lived for a time in a farm-house, near Dekkersdinn.
  • They never chattered about sunsets, or discussed whether the shadows on the grass were really mauve or not.
  • The velvety plum-colour of nearer ranges fades through tints of violet and mauve into the ethereal lilac of distant summits.
  • Released, she beheld a lady in a mauve satin gown, at the throat of which a cameo brooch was fastened.
  • She had kept the carved canopy bed and other massive pieces, but she had changed the hangings and the wall covering from mauve to rose-color.
  • Beyond lay the tangle of hills, rising to the saw-toothed range now painted with orange and mauve and a hint of deepening purple.
  • She carried in one hand a large bunch of mauve orchids and wore an abundance of chains and coarse, bizarre jewelry.
  • The face of the farm is nearly hidden in green things, and a colour note of mauve dominates the foliage where wistaria showers.
  • She can have a bouquet, not of white flowers only, but mauve or pink, or violets, according to choice.
  • It was cool and we kept on our wraps, and she was in white linen with a loose little coat of mauve wool, and a hat to match.
  • She put her handkerchief into a small bag of mauve linen, embroidered with white and pale-green crewels, and took up her parasol.
  • Unerringly rode Healy through the tangled hills toward a saddle in the peaks that flared vivid with crimson and mauve and topaz.
  • He is a mauve satin waistcoat, embroidered with a chaste design of anchors and forget-me-nots, subtly suggesting perennial fidelity.
  • Eugenia in mauve organdie stood up from the deep Windsor chair where she had sunk down, and came forward silently to greet her.
  • Its blossoms, dainty as rare orchids, with lily-like, violet-veined petals of palest-tinted mauve and purple.
  • Comyn arrived first, dressed in a suit of mauve French cloth that set off his fine figure to great advantage.
  • Beyond lay the silent desert, and the far-off ranges of pink and mauve hills; and above them the sky was turquoise, fading into grey-blue.
  • A person of very fair, delicate complexion, should always wear the most delicate of tints, such as light blue, mauve and pea-green.

Definition of Mauve

Having a pale purple colour. | (historical) A bright purple synthetic dye. | The colour of this dye; a pale purple or violet colour.
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