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  • May and her mother knew.
  • This may and can be avoided.
  • Brick must lie on brick as it may and can.
  • Now history may and must be taught more as it is lived.
  • May, and did not end until the close of the month.
  • A habit may and will grow to be a second nature.
  • His personal enemy he may and must forgive.
  • Leave it as quickly as you may, and never come back.
  • Some good may, and no harm can be done by either.
  • May and July are his luckiest months.
  • May and I will bear what we must.
  • As if sorrow, while it may and will change, can ever end!
  • It was the month of May and the city at its loveliest.
  • It was in May, and the night was grey.
  • It is May, and the air is cool.
  • It was the 15th of May, and the weather was still cold.
  • David came home early in May, and did his part.
  • It was a cool day in May, and a light breeze was blowing.
  • There was talk of May and December.
  • The nesting season is during May and June.
  • Our love, dear May, and our prayers for your success.
  • How he longed to hear from May and Julia.
  • The volumes begin May and November of each year.
  • Three or four eggs are laid during May and June.
  • It should be done in May, and not in April.
  • The eggs are laid during the latter part of May and June.
  • Hand-in-hand May and Jacob set off to return home.
  • Could it have been of May and Willie Calderwood?
  • This I am hoping for during May and June.
  • A man may and ought to pride himself more on his will than on his talent.
  • Acts or signs may and constantly do signify proposal and assent.
  • For until they be so, they may and must be suffered to live.
  • Simple acute periostitis may and often does end in resolution.
  • May and Might.
  • May and December.
  • Enjoy your happiness while you may, and leave the future to unfold itself.
  • My Lady May: and One Other Story.
  • Let us see what the specific teaching of peace may and may not include.

How To Use May And In A Sentence?

  • There may and must be divergence of opinion as to the safest way to overcome intemperance.
  • He may and he can, if he has grit in him and a head of some sort surmounting his shoulders.
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